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Just a note here. It is my endeavor to assist aspiring writers to obtain reliable information and access to editing and other resources that will help them learn and become successful. I can advise you how to do just about anything. If you are interested in learning how to master your craft and work your social media platform, I will help you in any way I can for a nominal fee. If you want me to do the work for you see the prices are below.

Beta Reading Critique

This is a simple and inexpensive task. I will do the Beta Reading for free.


If you want a full critique which includes punctuation, grammar, spelling and blatant errors the cost is 0.10 per word. The total cost depends on the number of pages and the depth of the critique. This is not to be confused with a line edit or copy edit.

Copy Edit

Writing Guidance

Publishing Information

These will be bid independently and is directly influenced by what your particular case involves.

This process finds embarrassing mistakes, and analyzes the document to ready it for printing or publishing. Cost is directly related to the amount of work to be done. $5.00 Page with a $25.00 Minimum

Sensitivity Reading

Manuscript Content Editing

This is the most in depth editing. It finds all of the flaws in the as well as slow moving paragraphs, sentence structure and repetitiveness. It points out places you can improve your story, character development, pace and dialogue. It is a full edit of your manuscript, formatting to plot.

$25.00 per hour. 

Sensitivity Reading is not censorship but creates a report that points out areas of bias or unintentional stereotype, sexual orientation, race, religion, ethnicity, obesity, or cliche's concerning sensitive topics, and triggers that might offend or hurt your readers. We, as writers realize everything from our point of view. I believe I am especially well qualified as I have been trained as a PI to watch for these triggers in interview and legal writing. It is alsways a good idea to hire a sensitivity reader to hone your manuscript. Again, this is not censorship... you always make the final decision... it's your work. $35.00/hr with report.

Everything Else

Pretty much everything else, if I publish/format, hire cover art and graphics for your instead of you doing the work; or if I build a Website, Author’s Page, , etc. My fee is $35.00 per hour with guaranteed results. All of these things require expertise and software. That being said, It takes me about 3 hours to set up an Author's Landing Page or an FB Page, sometimes less if you have all your ducks in a row. A website requires more time and thought and is more expensive. I do not "maintain" websites. 

If you have questions concerning my rates or what I can do for you email me.

You'll never know, if you don't try!