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Just a note here. It is my endeavor to assist aspiring writers to obtain reliable information and access to editing and other resources that will help them learn and become successful... I can advise you if you are interested in learning how to master your craft or work your social media platform, website and many other ventures that become stumbling blocks for beginning writers. There is help here! If you want to hire-out the work to be done, there is help for that too. 

Editing Your Work

There are steps to the editing process. These will be bid independently and are directly influenced by what your particular case involves.

A good clean manuscript with a clear idea of what you are looking for will cost you much less! 

Writing Guidance Publishing Information is free!

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Marketing & Graphics

Published Book Cover Samples

Final Corrected Cover front (13.375 x 9.25 in) (3).png

I design book covers, graphics and material for your marketing projects to your specifications but it is your responsibility to post and answer and market your book. I do not keep up with stats or marketing for any project... but I can give you the tools with which to do so! 



Beginning in January of 2024 we are taking submissions of manuscripts for editing and publishing. We are a company who assists you with the publication. We charge for our work only and all copyright and licenses and profits from the sales of your book belong to you. Our involvement ends when we hit the publish button and then it is your baby. As above we will assist with marketing and graphics and give you pointers on successful marketing techniques.

We will edit the manuscript in conjunction with the Author until we are both happy with it. We will design the book cover, format, design and publish your book in the Amazon and other markets you choose. Let us know if we can help! Contact us at

If you have questions concerning my rates or what I can do for you email me.

You'll never know, if you don't try!

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