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Author Elaine Marie Carnegie

                                         Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett is a Texas girl,                                                 born and bred! She worked a myriad of jobs with many years as a paralegal and private investigator. She ventured out into journalism and wrote for a local Newspaper in the Texas Hill Country for ten years, ventured into producing Regional Visitors Guides. Her historical articles have been published in Luxury and Lifestyle Magazines, Visitors Guides and online history venues. Her non-fiction, historical, and fiction works appear in online and print venues and have been used in the Texas School System to teach middle-grade children about the dangers of the internet. In the Texas Legislature to check the intrusive powers of POA’s in the State of Texas, and on Discovery ID on Human Trafficking and its consequences on a human life. She has worked with local law enforcement, the FBI, and Texas Rangers, and those experiences are reflected in many of her stories. In the last two years she has published eighteen short stories in various anthologies, and poetry available on Amazon and her website, She is currently querying the Path of Totality and writing a new book about a paranormal sensitive behavioral analyst. Elaine makes her home in the lush East Texas Piney Woods amid her grown children and grandchildren.

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