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                             Elaine Marie Carnegie, a Paralegal, and Private Investigator worked on the side as a Newspaper Journalist, history and foodie columnist for a decade before accepting a publishing partnership; then opening her own SPPublishing and Author Services. She has worked with both the FBI and Texas Rangers, written for Discovery ID on Human Trafficking, and works for the PI in a consultant capacity today. Her articles have been used in the Texas Legislature, utilized in regional Texas school systems, published in both print and online venues, as well as in anthologies, charity  and collaborative projects. She is honored to have been included in the "Who's Who of Emerging Writer's 2020." She makes her home in the idyllic East Texas Piney Woods... on a private lake, doing what she loves and living her best life!  You can find her online at 

SWEETYCAT PRESS presented Elaine with a First Place Grant in the recent contest entitled "Building Your Brand" and CLARENDON HOUSE PUBLICATIONS published the top three winners in their

May 2020 Edition of the Writer's Circle Magazine.

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I am an adventurous sort, always into something... I was the kid you saw in the field sitting alone with a book for company. I read to my brothers and sisters at night and later to my children. I raised eight children and that is a story in itself! I am a Texas Lady, born and bred and I love this State, but I love the North Georgia Mountains and Colorado. I love everywhere I have traveled because I see beauty in all things. The true love(s) of my life are my family and my children... but my passion is the written word, and I have honed my craft over a lifetime.

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Author Elaine Marie Carnegie

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