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Elaine Marie Carnegie, formerly a Paralegal and Private Investigator, worked a side gig as a local Newspaper Journalist for many years before taking a hiatus from the P&PI day job and accepting a partnership in a Publishing Company and eventually starting her own Stone Pony Publishing. She has worked with both the FBI and Texas Rangers, written for Discovery ID on Human Trafficking. Her articles have been used in the Texas Legislature as well as utilized in curriculum for regional Texas school systems. She is a published poet and short story Author as well as being included in the "Who's Who of Emerging Writer's 2020." Writing full time now she lives in the idyllic East Texas Piney Woods in a hidden cove near a private lake, doing what she loves and living her best life! You can find her online at https://www.authorelainemarie.com/ 

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I am an adventurous sort, always into something... I was the kid you saw in the field sitting alone with a book for company. I read to my brothers and sisters at night and later to my children. I raised eight children and that is a story in itself! I am a Texas Lady, born and bred and I love this State, but I love the North Georgia Mountains and Colorado. I love everywhere I have traveled because I see beauty in all things. The true love(s) of my life are my children, and grandchildren... but my passion is the written word. I have honed my craft over a lifetime.

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Qualifications and Experience

When I was fifteen, my first relevant job was with a Newspaper, The Crosby Times Review. I worked here until I was 23 years old. The Owner’s name was Roy Foster and he taught me by example. His ability to assess a situation quickly, how to interview people and respond to them so that they were comfortable giving me the information I needed. In my writing, he took me from journalism class into the real world and gave me experience in how to capture people’s attention with just the ‘right words’ that enable them to understand and experience the moment I am writing about. During these years he acted as an Agent for me and I published in several magazines, A Ladies Journal that was local and Reader's Digest and Better Homes and Gardens. He also sent me back to school to learn to take pictures. Not that it helped much, I am a terrible photographer. 

I had a couple kids and then a couple more. I went back to school and became a paralegal and I loved it. There was something new everyday and it also gave me a solid opportunity to help people, on a daily basis. I loved the work because my job was writing  and research, (after a fashion) and knowing without a doubt that I made a difference in someone’s life. I wrote briefs, constructed reports, did research, and evidential reports.  I eventually went to work full time for the Private Investigation Company. Someday, we will write a book about that adventure, but again I was in a place to practice and hone my craft as well as make a contribution, which is important to me. I was trained by Law Enforcement and FBI in CEU's and other types of training and classes and in other environments. I worked with local law enforcement, the Texas Rangers and the FBI. It wasn’t creative writing... but it was close and some of that stuff you can’t make up anyway!

During this time I continued to write for the Newspaper and freelance, and was published in three Collaborative Novels of fiction and I served as developmental editor and line editor for the first book. I wrote the outline and articles on Human Trafficking that were used for a Showcase on Discovery ID, I wrote articles used in the Texas Legislature for changing the laws for Property Owners Associations in favor of the Property Owners. I have written articles and advice used in the Central Texas Middle Schools to alert preteens to the dangers of the internet because a "wolf never looks like a wolf!" I have been published in several sources, online and tabloid. I have been published in Coffee Table Books, most specifically Viva Texas. Contributing writer to online news and human interest stories. Some of them I probably don't remember.

       Then I met Julie Corley who had just opened the Hill Country Herald Newspaper in the beautiful Texas Hill Country! The rest, as they say, is history. We became friends and ultimately spread our wings into the publishing world, where we published Texas Hill Country Visitor Guides each year, books/mag on local lore! Sadly, she closed the paper in December of 2018 and I began Stone Pony Publishing and Author Services in 2019.


A few years ago, I met someone who is literally, the wind beneath my wings.

He encouraged me to write that book I was always talking about...

So, I did. Check out the Page Gaia Factor Trilogy. (Not Published-Querying 2019)

I still work for the PI Company in a mostly consultant capacity. I work my Author Services,  

I Beta Read, critique and edit, am active in my Writer's Groups and am building a fiction

repertoire, and otherwise help where I can...

  Mostly, I write...

Living My Best Life