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Not all ghosts can be laid to rest…   Whether you’re sitting around a campfire, or staying up late to read—you’ll eventually have to turn off the light, you know—you’ll love these fifteen tales of ghosts, haunted houses, and spooky goings-on! Imagine waking every day in an old house, unable to leave the grounds because every time you do you get lost in the gray mist. What if the haunted section in the library was actually haunted? Seeing a ghost in a haunted house would be one thing…but what if it followed you home?   Step into the haunted worlds of the fifteen ghostly tales in Hauntings…if you dare!


Enter the world of Magical Realism. Immerse yourself in a world where demons ride the subway, gods work at food pantries, ghosts befriend children and folk tales come to life. The boundary between real and magical is an interwoven tapestry as 50 of the best contemporary authors, poets and artists donate their work and time in this anthology as 100% of the proceeds go to Doctors Without Borders in the international crisis of COVID-19.

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A total eclipse occurs when the dark silhouette of the Moon completely obscures the Sun. During any eclipse, the darkness occurs only in a narrow track on the surface of the Earth. This narrow track is called the path of totality. It means you must be in the exact location - at the exact time to experience the Path of Totality!

"The Path of Totality"

A Novel by

Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett

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The Wordsmith Chronicles are just that! Given the task of writing a short story where the main character is a writer, these authors let their imaginations soar. This collection explores plagiarism, the criminal underworld and wormholes.  Also in this collection, an immortal writes by the light of the moon, there is poignant young love, and a pretty girl who seems to have it all time and again. An authentic ghostwriter, a laptop named Skullcandy, wizards that sing, and a writer’s search for the soul, and more.

This Murder Mystery Anthology has an eclectic variety of story lines... each with a criminal, a victim ... and a trench coat! "This collection of clever shorts feature trench coats worn by cunning murderers and world weary detectives, wrapped up in mysteries both wild and domestic. A treat for fans of mystery and imagination!" Dennis Tafoya, Author of Dope Thief, The Wolves of Fairmont, and The Poor Boys Game.



A collection of speculative poetry. 



A spooky collection of ghostly specters and wraiths, Things that go bump in the night! 

Iron Faerie

Come explore the depths with these six authors! Travel the oceans and seas in tales of the illusive Merfolk. In "Undersea" by Elaine Marie Carnegie Padgett, the Merchildren are being hunted and the adults use the Siren song to save them and return to the Undersea where in antiquity they sank the lost City of Atlantis. A tale of heartbreak and magic you don't want to miss! In the depth of the sea there are mysteries we can only hope to find!

"The Folk O' Danu" a rewriting of Celtic Lore by Author, Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett along with six amazing stories from talented authors will leave you craving more! Fantasy, magic, and a fishy tale you have to read to believe! Make yourself a cup of tea and relax as you delve into the untamed imaginations from this delightful collection!


Cowboys on dusty trails. Cattle drives. Bank robbers and sheriffs. Whether riding a horse in the old West, a pickup truck in present day, or a mining transport on an asteroid, good fought evil, and tales of the West continued. Enjoy this collection of stories from the authors of Writers Unite! as they take you from the old West into the future.


APRIL 30, 2021

VOLUME I-What's In A Memory 

VOLUME II-The Free They Never Had

Both by Elaine Marie Carnegie Padgett


Books On Writing By Writers

114 essays by modern-day authors fiction and non-fiction writers, poets, song writers, playwrights and journalists from across the globe write about the intertwining of their personal lives with their journeys in the literary arts. In this volume authors provide keen insights into the early influences and experiences that transformed them into writers and what keeps them writing, in some cases while in dire situations or facing life crises. Every one of them are published, some on the cusp of fame, every one of them is able to proudly title their essay. “I, The Writer.”

Cream and Peach Feather and Brushstroke

WHO are the emerging writers in this Who's Who of 2021? WHAT have they written? WHERE do they live? WHEN did they start writing? WHY do they write? HOW can you find out more about them?



WHO are the 116 emerging writers in this Who's Who? WHAT have they written? WHERE do they live? WHEN did they start writing? WHY do they write? HOW can you find out more about them?


67 present-day published authors answer the question: To Be Or Not To Be A Writer? Who/what/where were your writing muses or influences. Do you have a literary role model, who is it, and why them? What advice do you have for any beginning writer? 


A catalog of 129 books and novels of almost every genre written by some of the best emerging writers on the worldwide writing scene today. 


Collaborative Writing Projects

Author Elaine Marie Carnegie/CWC

Wytches and Paladins have been at war for centuries. The old feud exists beyond their history, deeply embedded in the blood of their ancestors. And as the last of the Taker bloodline of Wytches, Salem feels the call of battle all too fiercely. Simza Adenah is a Paladin, sworn to hunt down and kill every Wytch she can find. But when she meets Salem Taker, the man whose Wytchcraft is more closely tied to her own past than she can ever imagine, they must put aside their blood feud in order to win a much greater battle - one that threatens not just their own world, but the many others existing alongside it. Salem understands and embraces his duty to Mother Magic, to the gifts she gave him and the world he's sworn to protect. Simza refuses to claim her birthright as Magic's daughter, and cannot accept an alliance with a Wytch. But if they don't put their differences aside and embrace the power of the Ancients bringing them together, neither Wytch nor Paladin will overcome the forces aiming to consume everything they know. CWC - Collaborative Writing Challenge-This Novel was written by members of CWC. Our writers are passionate about creating wonderful work of fiction, and love taking the challenge to test their own capabilities with the ultimate writing prompt. To find out more about CWC and all our projects, please visit: www.collaborativewritingchallenge.com

Author Elaine Marie Carnegie/CWC

The renowned planetary zoologist, Dr. Forret, has always loved exploring new planets, discovering and cataloging new species, and returning to Earth with his new-found knowledge. His beloved Ark, the exploratory research vessel, serves as both mobile laboratory and home to the hundreds of her crew members, who have all put their lives in Dirk's hands on their mission to Santelli Minor. But this isn't a normal expedition. When Dirk's head of security breaks protocol and engages with the planet's unexpected humanoid species, Dirk and his crew find themselves, at first, with what seems like a viral breakout inducing a comatose state. With half the crew immobilized and seemingly in a trance, a small team reaches out beyond their original plans in search of the cause and a way to reverse the disease. What awaits them is far beyond anything they've ever imagined, and calls them to do more than they ever believed they could. Join Dirk and the Ark on this perilous journey among ancient tribes, communion with the planet's sentient nature, and the dangerous forces trying to break free into the universe. Only one thing can stop it, and nobody likes what their last option has become. This book was written by members of CWC, an international writing project.

Author Elaine Marie Carnegie/CWC

"The Concierge" is a real page turner. Beginning with the first chapter, I had trouble putting the book down. In the way this book grabs your attention and holds it, is comparable to books written by Harlan Coben. With regard to the interconnectedness of the characters and their relationships, The Concierge has a Dickensonian feel to it." - Lee Hutson The Concierge A suspense drama that follows the life of the lead character; Clarissa, in her discovery to find out who she really is. She encounters people and scenarios that constantly confuse her, but she is lucky to have a new love interest; Jim, to distract her from her constant turmoil. She finds herself trapped between greedy people, who see Clarissa as nothing more than a problem that needs fixing. Clarissa doesn't know who to trust, but undeterred she is determined not to let anyone get the better of her. This book has been written by 19 International Authors, overseen by a Story Coordinator. This collaboration began in August 2014, and took eight months to complete. The dedication of everyone involved has brought something wonderfully new to the market. If you are a fan of collaborative fiction writing, or even a skeptic, you will want to read this book!


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