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This Anniversary Edition of short stories and poetry has an All Star cast of writers that will take you on adventures that test your endurance and haunt your dreams! Join these twenty-eight talented and diverse authors for the “Journey of your life!”

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Her novels are fiction, but her ghosts are real!

Ms. Sarah
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Sarah Cristain, recently widowed begins a new life in St. Martin Parish where she joins an elite group of investigators as a consultant for in the South on a dark magnolia scented night when the wind slides across your skin like silk… anything is possible.


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203 short fiction and non-fiction stories, poems and memoirs from writers worldwide about something most everyone is familiar with: the animals in our lives. Zooanthology is for anyone who loves the creatures we share this planet and our homes with. Think fur, feathers, fangs and fins, and you get the idea.

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This is a story of us. What we are now and what we were in the ancient of days and the trek back to that place, remembrance, and the journey to understanding. It is a quest of sorts, a story of bad choices and second chances, a diverse cross section of people brought together in desperate times. Magical realism and mythological aspects of the human experience...

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Short Stories or Poetry by Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett can be found in the books below published by various small presses.

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A story for my children

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Author Elaine Marie Carnegie/CWC
Author Elaine Marie Carnegie/CWC
Author Elaine Marie Carnegie/CWC
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