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Journeys is a tribute to the authors of The Writer's Journey Blog. This Anniversary Edition of short stories and poetry will take you  on the Journey of your life!

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In the moments of each life, there is a pivotal instant… a crossroads taken from which we cannot turn back or change the course on which we have chosen to travel. Kyle Menger is on such a trek, as is Vai of the Romni. The earth itself spins toward a date with destiny, towing them in her wake.

A story of the human experience...

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Journey into a fantasy world with the talented authors of Writers Unite! Fly with dragons and fairies, fight with trolls and elves, and battle with wizards and witches as they defend against evil forces. These stories will take you from ancient worlds to modern day on a mystical ride.

Coming February 2, 2022

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Cowboys on dusty trails. Cattle drives. Bank robbers and sheriffs. Whether riding a horse in the old West, a pickup truck in present day, or a mining transport on an asteroid, good fought evil, and tales of the West continued. Enjoy this collection of stories from the authors of Writers Unite! as they take you from the old West into the future.

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Author Elaine Marie Carnegie/CWC
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