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Recommendations/References and Experience


Magazine cover, winery, Author Elaine Carnegie
Magazine cover, Los Maples, Author Elaine Carnegie
Newspaper, Author Elaine Carnegie

The HC Publishing Company and The Hill Country Herald Newspapers are now retired and the website no longer functioning. You can still access the magazine or Newspaper by clicking above. I worked on these publications from 2008 to 2018 as writer and editor.   (Resume available on request)

Newspaper, Author Elaine Carnegie


Elaine took my rough draft manuscript  and turned it into "my dream come true!" She designed the covers, edited and formatted my work and all at a reasonable price.

Highly recommended.

Author Lady C. E. Miller
Forget Me Not Vol  I, Author Lady C. E. Miller
Forget Me Not Vol II, Author Lady C. E. Miller
Goddesses and Myths Vol  I, Author Lady C. E. Miller
Author Eva Marie Cagley
Author Eva Marie Cagley

Elaine Marie Carnegie- Padgett has been writing, blogging and publishing for years. Her blog is called The Writers Journey Blog, and it is a professional site. Many great writers have appeared on this blog. I am proud to be in some of her anthologies and on her blog. When I started submitting there my writing career blossomed from just writing poetry to writing articles and short stories. She is a very encouraging mentor to all writers and really knows the ins and outs of the profession.

She allows the writer to be creative, is dedicated to helping writers get published and have exposure using her blog as a marketing tool. Many new books by authors have been promoted on her blog. Her blog is more like a web page tool for both beginning and seasoned writers.

I highly recommend her services for all your publishing needs. She is very professional and proud to help other writers. She is laid back and easy to work with. I highly recommend her services. I just can’t say enough regarding what an asset she has been to me in my writing career.

Eva Marie Dunlap (Cagley)

Author P. A, O'Neal
Two Sides of the Same Coin, Author P. A, O'Neal

Recommendation for Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett by P.A. O’Neil

I once knew a man who was an excellent author, but he believed as a way of thanking the
powers above for his skills, he needed to do all he could to help other writers become authors.
Though he was taken from us way to soon, Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett has stepped up to fill
the vacancy as a leader with today’s new crop of writers.
For years now, she has published a blog dedicated to all things writing and publishing
oriented. She has opened her page for other to share their experiences and wisdom. From this she has created a network of writers who have found their path to become the popular authors of today. They are varied writing poetry, short fiction, full novels, while others have found their
place with non-fiction essays. What they all have in common is being guided by Elaine, daring
them to find their place in the world of published documents.
Three years ago, Elaine took it a step further and offered for publication an anthology of
short stories produced by her publishing house, Writers Journey Blog/Stone Pony Publishing. The stories selected are carefully edited, and each year’s edition has grown in the number of submissions. The last two years, the anthology has been themed as will the next, and each year the production value has grown to make it one of the premier anthologies.
The books have eye-catching covers, are carefully formatted, and available in different
formats. I personally have been published by Elaine on both her blog and within the anthologies. I consider myself lucky to have found an outlet that understands what it means to be a writer in today’s world. Anyone looking to find their way into this business needs only to get to know Elaine.

Author Kerri Jesmer
Journeys Volume I, Stone Pony Publishing

Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett is both an incredible writer and an established publisher. As her experience attests, she has been involved in these pursuits for many years and when the need arose to step in as a mentor several years ago, Elaine took the reins to support and assist many new and established authors from all over the world by beginning to publish anthologies. These authors vary in specialties of writing short stories, poetry, full novels and non-fiction essays. She offers her Writers Journey Blog, as a marketing tool for authors and reviews novels to promote them. She offers publishing contracts, web design, cover production and many Author Services. For myself, Elaine has become a wonderful mentor in my writing and especially in my editing. I have been honored to assist in editing all of the Journeys Anthologies to date and hope to continue this endeavor with her in the future. She has stepped into the place of my previous mentor who passed away several years ago and has become a close friend as well. I have had the opportunity to be published on her blog and in each of the anthologies. I highly recommend Elaine’s services to anyone seeking help with any publishing needs. She is professional and talented having a calm demeanor and experienced guiding hand.

Kerri Jesmer, Author, Editor     


Goddesses and Myths Vol  I, Author Lady C. E. Miller
Forget Me Not Vol  I, Author Lady C. E. Miller
Forget Me Not Vol  II, Author Lady C. E. Miller
Journeys Volume I, Stone Pony Publishing
Journeys Volume II, Stone Pony Publishing
Journeys Volume III, Stone Pony Publishing

More References Available on Request

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