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by P. C. Darkcliff

Please welcome P. C. Darkcliff, Author of the newly released Wizard's Blade, First Book of the series, The Magic Circle. He pulled me out of a bind this week when my Author backed out last minute. Thanks P.C.

What The Future Holds

So, 2023 has barreled in, and what a year it will be!

While 2022 was a dull transition year of wrapping up one series and drafting another, I’m pretty pumped up about the wicked stuff I plan for this year.

It might sound crazy, but I’m going to unleash the first three books of my new series, The Magic Circle, over the next six months. Since each is about 120k words, it’s scary and stressful but incredibly exciting—and I worked my ass off throughout last year to make it happen.

The first installment, The Wizard’s Blade, is already out, and it’s getting some pretty cool feedback. Unfortunately, the sales haven’t been good so far. It was to be expected, though: since it’s my first epic fantasy project, I’m a new, unknown writer when it comes to that genre.

I’m going to do Facebook and Amazon advertising once I have unleashed book three (marketing gurus say there’s no point in doing it before that), and try not to worry about sales until then.

I’m stuffing the books with lots of magic, battles, monsters, and all the other juicy stuff epic fantasy readers like, so let’s hope the series will take off… one day.

I’m now working on the third draft of the sequel, The Dragon’s Eye, which I’m publishing at the end of March. (Click cover to pre-order)

The third book—which is also already drafted—will follow in June or July, if everything goes well. The final title is The Traitor’s Spell.

So, these are my plans for 2023.

Wish me good luck. I wish you the same.

Click the cover!

Bio: A multi-award-winning author, P.C. has always had a vivid imagination.

When he was in kindergarten, he convinced his classmates that his grandma was a tribal shamaness. Then he learned his letters, and kidding his friends no longer seemed adequate—so he started writing fantasy.

P.C. has published two standalone novels, and a series called The Deathless Chronicle and is working on his new epic fantasy project, The Magic Circle series.

His stories have been featured in numerous publications, and ‘A Poisoned Gift’ received an Honorable Mention in the L. Ron Hubbard Writers of the Future Contest. He is Spillwords Author of the Year 2020.

Find P.C. at or everywhere on social media in one click:

Other works by P. C. Darkcliff at his Amazon Author's Page.


Some Reviews of The Wizard's Blade.

"Marvelous story-telling." Gemini Wordsmiths

“I can’t wait for the next one.” The Writer’s Journey Blog

“A page turner to keep you occupied from start to finish.” Leafylea

“I am anxious for the rest of the series! I think you will be too. This is a 5-star story by a 5-star writer!” Nikki Coltwood, blogger

“PC Darkcliff is an excellent storyteller and The Wizard’s Blade is as imaginative as it is exciting.” Jim Bates, author, blogger

“Don't miss this fantastical tale of hope, courage, and sacrifice.”

Kerri Jesmer Author, Goodreads

“For a first time Epic Fantasy writer, I thought this was an impressive book.” Daniel Craig Roche, vlogger

“This is P.C. Darkcliff at his sword-wielding best.” Gary Wilbanks, author, Black Hare Press

“It is a great book for young readers who crave an in-depth read but aren’t quite ready for adult fantasy.” Lesley L., Waterloo Public Library, Canada

“This is a must read for all who love a good tale, written by an expert at story telling.” Sharon Gay Frame Author, Goodreads

“If you like high fantasy novels and adventures, you can't miss this book.” Hernan, Amazon customer

“Non-stop action, full of daunting obstacles, terrifying villains, and unlikely yet endearing heroes.” Jennifer K., Goodreads

“PC Darkcliff had created a great tale in the very best epic fantasy tradition.” Ben Waterson, Amazon UK

“The next book in this series cannot come quickly enough.” Timothy Law, Goodreads

“I loved this epic tale packed full of action.” Lynn Phillips, Amazon AU

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