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The New Zealand Dream Trilogy

by Elise Smith

Please welcome Elise Smith (Sheila) to the Writers Journey Blog this week with a knockout feature on her life story!

The New Zealand Dream Trilogy

The Seeds are Sown

This is a story and account of my life so far. The first book in “The New Zealand Dream” trilogy will take you on my journey from birth, growing up in a beautiful country town, painting the background of “The New Zealand Dream.”

Click the cover to read more!

My New Zealand Dream

Growth and Destruction

In the second book I move to the suburbs and discover New Zealand’s underground.

You will meet characters you may relate to and characters that will shock you.

I will lead you into the world that surrounded me, strangled me, and nearly killed me.

Click the cover to read more!

The New Zealand Dream

The Healing

"The Healing" is the final book in “The New Zealand Dream trilogy”.

If you have read "The Seeds Are Sown, and "Growth and Destruction," you won’t want to miss out on how it all ends. If you are looking for healing and restoration this is a must read. Discover how I turned my shattered life around, found my soulmate and healing from the destruction that was my life.

I wrote this trilogy to inspire and give hope to others,

so one may know you are not alone!

Elise Smith (Sheila) (Also found as Author, Sheila Elise Brooke)

Bio: My name is Elise Brooke (Smith), I have over 26 years’ experience as a writer, 6 years as a blogger and 5 years as a writing coach.

I have written and published an autobiography trilogy called "The New Zealand Dream,” by Sheila my pen name. I wrote these books after surviving 8 years in a violent relationship that nearly killed me to inspire and give hope to others. The trilogy is available on Amazon. Book three publishing in April 2023.

I have published my fourth book, called “Johnathan,” I co-authored this book about my father growing up in Manchester England during the war. I am now working on a young adults short story book.

My writing is featured in the Gisborne, East coast writers anthology called “Kaitahi Rawhiti Two” this book is in the Gisborne museum.

I have coached many students and writers to write their story and finish their writing projects, I have been coaching for five years. I coach privately from home online and have coached for the Wellington polytechnic. References are available.

My passion is creative writing, I write in in fiction, non-fiction, poetry and content.

I have published many content articles, short stories and guest posted on various sites.

My short story “Stargazing” won a short story award last year in our local “Writing Sparks” competition.

I regularly write for “Leveraged Writers,” “Medium” platform and “Brummett’s Conscious Blog.”

Writing is a very powerful healing tool, sharing your story can give help others and help yourself on your healing journey. I can help you on your writing journey, writing your own story and with any writing project you are creating. I can free up your time to write and coach you in book marketing needs.

Please email me for a chat

One can follow me on: Instagram mynewzealanddream

Join us in the group “A journey of transformation.”

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Mar 22, 2023

Writing to give others hope and inspiration, even strength when things are tough is a gift. Congratulations on your trilogy and other writing endeavors to help others!


Mar 20, 2023

I congratulate you on your determination to overcome hardships and prevail and then write about it. And then your dedication to helping others with their literary pursuits! Keep up the good and inspirational work! 🙂


Tim Law
Tim Law
Mar 19, 2023

Congratulations Elise! Thank you so much for sharing your epic journey (so many years already) and for sharing through your trilogy hope and encouagement for all <3

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