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Poetry Writing is a Gift

by Puneet Kumar

Please welcome Puneet Kumar with his feature on what Poetry is in our lives.

Poetry Writing is A Gift

Life comprises moments and if not expressed in poetry, then how? Writing poems is like adding sugar into the candy of life. Keep it in your mouth and wait till it melts, as if you have no other option. After one candy, definitely another and another and this is the way of life. These are sweet even when you are crying.

Let tears well in your eyes. Although it is painful, this is how life is. It is natural. It makes us human. Imagine trying to write the language of your tears, pain or tingling romance in words if there is no inner vibration. Poetry is the best medium or only medium to express those internal vibes.

Those thoughts and emotions can delve deep into your emotions and automatically arrange to form poetry. It is the very reason poems are so close to one’s heart. It is the voice of the heart. It reflects purity and genuine emotion. No one can hide anything from their heart, therefore, poetry is the purity of genuine emotion in words.

This world is meaningful because all of it tills our emotions. It makes us feel connected and lets us embrace the moments of our lives. If you do not trust me, then see how an infant play with its hands and legs, looks into the eyes and sees its smile. You will want to embrace the baby.

Wake early in the morning and feel the thin air in the long green fields spread all around you, no matter if you are a poet or not, such moments will envelop you. You can actually feel the romance and the poetry within them.

These moments are delicate, priceless, but it makes us realize we are human, and we have a language that we can write. This sense that we can write probably makes me sit to write these moments of my life into poetry. I don’t purposefully sit to write, but such moments capture me, arrest me and make me write. They give me the words.

After writing, no matter how good or bad, I feel grateful, peaceful, and relaxed. I feel I have poured out my heart into words and now there is nothing left within. All tension, anxiety and other mental weaknesses have found strength and I am fully detached and calm.

Such moments are pure joy and addictive. Science says we form habits by the release of the brain's chemical called dopamine. Poetry writing is addictive, at least for me. It can be for you too; all you need is to just let yourself be free in a moment and observe everything like an onlooker.

Just see and feel what is in this very moment and write how it feels to you. Close your eyes for a moment and you will find words coming from within. Words are in your thoughts like bees in their beehive, always buzzing.

You will feel like writing them immediately. The moments will capture and overpower you. It will make you write because its sweet and amazing in their conception and at its completion, you will have a copy of your genuine emotion in their purest form.

Pure magic is what it is.

Emotions like love, passion, separation, betrayal, anger, loneliness, helplessness etc. (you just name it) are a range of powerful emotions and they can change your world, but when stirred you can find the vehicle to channel them through poetry.

I can't wait to write a poem. I live with those moments, thoughts, and imaginations. Life is in these moments, and these are the blessings of life. Long back during my school days, I read a poem and how true it was in my life. Its title was Leisure, by W. H Davies.

I still remember those lines: “What is this life if, full of care, we have no time to stand and stare?” I felt I had found the meaning and purpose of my life. Probably then I decided mentally that I will be a poet, a full-time poet and writer all my life.

I decided without knowing what it meant and how it would affect my life. Being a poet is difficult. I am not talking in terms of money, but to live with your emotions so open and so receptive. This is not so easy. There are many evils and people have dubious motives. They really can hurt, make you feel stranded and bleeding, left alone to cry, but my decision to be a poet always helped me to cross all hurdles. I find my words don't just dry my tears, but comfort me by allowing me to set myself free and let me see things from different perspectives.

Poetry writing is a gift. It is a gift you can give to yourself. It gives you sensitivity and allows you to feel the pain of your speechless animals and your pets. You can feel and read the poetry in their eyes.

How beautiful it looks when your dog shows its excitement by wagging its tail after seeing you, when a cat mews under your table for food and when a rabbit eats carrots from your hand. Life is really worth living in such moments.

Life seems so wonderful when it rains away the heat of hot summer days or when we are very thirsty and find a jug of cold water or sit under a tree.

This is life. This is your poetry. This is your moment.

This life is your opportunity to write your own poem. Never hesitate, never miss the opportunity to write and share the joy of your pure emotions on paper and on the computer screen. Life is too short. Who knows when and how one will disappear and only words will remain to read and remember. Please write your poetry and share it with the world.

Bio: Puneet Kumar is a full-time poet, writer, and relationship and happiness coach. He writes poems, short stories, novels, and self-help books. He has self-published 15 books.

He is published in several anthologies. His story is published in the anthology “Six feet From Tomorrow” His poetry is published in the anthology “Blood and Sand” “Scentsibility” “Poetry Leave” and others. He is also published at

He loves to write on subjects like relationships, healthy living, food and nutrition, wine, lifestyle, or anything that adds positive light to life. He was first published in Debonair magazine in India which he considers beginner’s luck.

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