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New Year, Day, Hour, Moment

by Nancy Lou Henderson

Please welcome Nancy Lou for the first feature of the New Year! Happy 2023 everyone!!

New Year, Day, Hour, Moment

When Elaine asked me to write this blog, I was unsure what to write. Should I share crazy experiences from my past seventy-three years? Pretty sure this “married young then becoming a very young forever widow” past New Year’s celebrations, resolutions, then failures are not that interesting. It seems my New Year’s Resolutions never lasted too long. Go figure.

Of course, there was that first-time drinking inexperience at eighteen. Thanking God, I was in my soon-to-be husband Frank’s hands, and God was looking after us. Trust me, never mix all alcoholic beverages available, soft drinks, and condiments in one glass, then quickly drink it down. If you do, you will surely know what the phrases “Calling Ralph” or “Hugging the John” means.

So, back to trying to impress you with something humorous or intelligent. I have to watch the humor because humor has always been my way of facing difficult moments. Not too sure about being clever. That’s a far reach into my brain cells that seem to be disappearing rapidly. As I struggled to think, low and behold, a different idea came to me out of nowhere. What does a New Year mean? What is a comparison?

I see a New Year as a new beginning, a time to clean the slate and start anew. Each day is fresh and new as each moment ticks away. The new year is unmarred, just like a newborn baby who comes into this world unaware of their situation. Our decisions, personalities, attitude, health, and environment seem to decide each day, good or bad.

So, is it a new year we should be waiting for to change our lives, or should change begin with each new day? How about each new hour or moment?

I believe God has equipped us all with the ability to overcome weaknesses. Also, I believe God has given us free will and choice. God wants the best for us all and will help us overcome obstacles and changes in our lives.

I wonder why we seem to wait a whole year before considering making essential changes in our health, attitude, etc. when we could start any moment. Of course, we wouldn’t want to set off fireworks all day every day, so it is good that we have all chosen to designate doing this once at the start of each new year, but do not forget that each moment is unique in our lives make it count.

Well, I have rambled on long enough, trying to seem intelligent and witty. Happy New Year, and never forget you are unique, special, and one of a kind.

Bio: Nancy was born and raised in Texas. At the age of sixty-five, Nancy began writing a Memoir. Five years later, she published the Memoir in a series of four books. Once finishing the Memoir, Nancy branched out into trying her hand at fiction, flash fiction, Widow’s blogs, short story writing from the perspective of inanimate objects, and poetry. She has over sixty short stories and poems published in online magazines, other websites, analogies, and books. Nancy has had a very active website with over 458739 visits by 130,214 visitors since April 2018. The most significant influence in Nancy’s life is God and her love for others. She believes that all people are unique and special, with a great purpose in this world.

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