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New Blog The Writer's Journey

Updated: Dec 7, 2019

This is the first post of a new Blog. The following posts are from a previous blog but are yet relevant to the Writer's Journey.

Happy Happy Holidays everyone!

I love this time of year with brisk cold winds and fireplaces, Christmas trees and gingerbread houses and laughing children.

I am going to give this blog thing another try. I would love to be a source of inspiration and validation to struggling authors and I have decided to blog about the importance of The Journey... and Writing Every Day! (The following posts are from a previous blog but still have relevance.)

Most of us (Writers) are just a little different... Check out the Creatives Blog Post. Most of have a story to tell. A big, wide beautiful story bursting through the mountains and valleys of our minds, but most will pay our dues. That is the journey we take as writers.

Sometimes these Blog Posts will address personal fails or triumphs or a mixture of both. Check out the Blog Post When Life Happens, or But... I Just Want to Write...

Self-care is especially important when you are a writer. If you empty the well... there is no source to draw from. Check out Conquering Self... Feeding Your Soul.

Another feature of this blog will be resources and experiences of the craft itself. Read Writer’s Block... The Real Deal. Some of the articles will be by contributing authors who will tell you a little about their journey, what their challenges were and how they have overcome them.

I would like to do book reviews... So, if you would like your book reviewed, shoot me an email. I will also post poetry. I love poetry. If you would like me to consider posting your poetry, please email me at For exposure and links to social media... not for payment... all rights are yours. I’m just offering an outlet.

I really hope you enjoy your time here. Leave comments with questions or ideas. I am open to suggestions. Leave your email in the Lightbox and I will see you get a link for new posts in The Journey Blog and Updates on The Gaia Factor Trilogy as they happen...

Write Every Day!

It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.

--Confucius (551-479 BC), philosopher

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