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by Nabeela

Please welcome Nabeela to the Writers Journey Blog this week with the story of her Journey! Her poems will be published in the Writers Journey Blog Anthology... Journeys II.


Seven years ago, I joined Wattpad as a reader, to read free stories. I loved the one to one interaction with the writers through comments and made wonderful friendships. One year into being a reader, through one of my comments a writer friend suggested I write my own story as I had a keen sense of observation and with an ability to pick up character nuances.

There was a 1500-word short story contest on Wattpad. My friend insisted and literally forced me to just write that story and so, "A New Beginning" was finally published. I didn't win, but that story gave me the impetus and self-confidence to write. I kept writing short stories with my short story anthology "To Content and To Contend".

My curiosity led me to join the Wattpad community forums on Discourse where I was exposed to the beautifully diverse writing community of writers--all passionate about writing. I was reading William Wordsworth at the same time and was deeply influenced by his poems.

I posted my first poetry collection "Beyond" on Wattpad. Nab--as I am known to my friends, had no idea how to write a poem as I had never written one before, but I did not give up writing.

As a newbie testing the waters in the world of poetry, I had a lot of doubts and fears on how my poem Beyond would be received on Wattpad. Surprisingly(and much to my shock) Beyond won first place in the Community Hub awards. The win was a big boost to my shattered self-confidence. I never looked back.

I went on to publish as Nab, four complete poetry collections, namely: Beyond, Infinity, Time and Space, Celestia, with Ethereal Expressions as ongoing. I have dabbled in YA, NewAdult, short stories, and posting quotes.

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Bio: Hey everyone. I'm Nabeela, 46 years old, mom of two kids. I'm from Ahmedabad, India. I'm a writer and am known as Nablai on Wattpad. I love listening to music and reading books, such as Pride and Prejudice, Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen being one of my favorites. I recently watched Persuasion and really enjoyed it. Kiera Knightley gave an amazing performance!

Here are my poems from Ethereal Expressions on Wattpad:

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