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Let's Talk About Journey III

by Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett

Hello Everyone!

Valentine’s Day is gone for the budding year of 2023, and President’s Day celebrates a three day weekend tomorrow. We’re on to St. Patty’s after this. I absolutely love the entire premise of St. Patrick's Day. I think it is in my blood from ancient days considering I am a fair skinned, blue eyed and freckled, (originally) chestnut haired lady. DNA found fully 94% of mine is located in Ireland and Scotland, and England. My ancestors prone to fantastic flights of imagination for which they are well documented… even to this day, obviously led to my obsession with storytelling.

I was messaging with Dawn Debraal this week and we were discussing the theme for this years Journeys III. I’d like to have suggestions from everyone intending to submit. As usual submissions will begin September 1st and I would like to give a heads up to everyone for the theme.

Some that have been suggested are:

Mermaid Tales

Lost at Sea

Noir Crime Drama



Cozy Mystery


and Historical.

Journeys I was all about Journeys. Journeys II was Out of this World. I am leaning toward something wet and wild like Sea Creatures, Mermaids and Other or Sherlock Stories in the old style from your wild and wonderful imaginations. (I am a devoted Sherlock fan)

I’d like to get other suggestions this week and then I will do one of those voting posts and the winner takes all. Next week, I will announce the theme for Journeys III at the beginning of the feature.

This year we are going to do Royalty shares in the event we make enough sales to have any and everyone will get a pdf copy of the manuscript. If we do well enough this year, I hope for next year to be a paid gig!

I’d also like to run the Writers Journey Blog feature until September 1st as a marketing tool for the Writers participating.

If you have a release scheduled or if you have a book or story you would like to feature with a little back story or backlog, I want to include it. Reviews and Excerpts are welcome. Biography is important.

Tell us what, why and how you do what you do on the Writers Journey Blog!

Until next time!


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Jim Bates
Jim Bates
Feb 23, 2023

Hi Elaine! I'm super excited to hear that you are planning on doing Journeys III. That's fantastic news! (I have nothing to add by way of a suggestion to your already great topics LOL!) However, I will toss my hat in the ring for a spot on "advertising" a release of mine. I have two in mind. One is recent, "Periodic Stories Volume IV" which just came out, and the other is my new collection of poems "The Alchemy of Then" which will be released March 26th. Which would work better for you? If you could let me that'd be great and I'll work something up for you. Thank you in advance for the opportunity. Take care :)


Feb 23, 2023

This sounds exciting! What ever is chosen I hope to be part of it. I still like the imagination that can cover many things

Feb 22, 2023

I could do an alternate history, or under the sea type stories. Mermaids I don't know, I could try. I've only written one mystery but it did well. Hard boiled characters seem enticing. I have started a survivalist story. Lost on a deserted island how does she survive. I'm always up for a discovered fantasy world. I'm flexible. Just let me know and give me time. I'll get you something.


Feb 21, 2023

Such a dilemma! As a mystery writer, the noir, Sherlock, or Noir sings to me, but we do need to broaden our horizons at times. The only two I would not tackle is horror and mermaid tales. My vote is for the cozy mystery. Regardless, it will all be fun!!


Feb 20, 2023

I am so excited about this! I like water related and/or historical. It opens it up to a lot of different possibilities.

Elaine Marie Carnegie
Elaine Marie Carnegie
Feb 20, 2023
Replying to

We could do both as long as it was a Journey... 😍

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