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by Eva Marie Ann Cagley

When asked to write up my strategy to marketing I had to think about it. I have five poetry books out now and have had little sales on any of them. I have used FaceBook and Linkedin. Word of mouth to family and friends. Most my sales have been from friends and family. However, that is not how I measure my success.

My success as a writer comes from my online publications. I look at the engagement and views. I have had what I call success with it in that form. I am an avid reader of poets and writers and spend a great deal of time reading and commenting. From this method I have gained supporters for my writing.

I look forward to their engagement. It is self-satisfying to be read. I also am a member of a variety of writing groups on FaceBook which gives me an outlet to post my publications along with this blog, The Writers Journey Blog.

I received the honor of Socialite on Spillwords for being continually active and supportive on that site. Which tells me I am doing something right.

I was asked to write for the Wildfire Magazine every three months, and I write for The New Zealand Blog every other week.

My newest adventure I am now writing for Bizcatalyst. A website off FaceBook. I have had a great deal of success with these online publishing sites, and the Wildfire Magazine. I am driven to write and find it very self- rewarding. While I don’t get paid, I gain exposure in making a name for myself as a writer.

Which is my legacy.

My suggestion is to reach out to writers and engage them. Don’t just leave a like on FaceBook, let them know you read their work. No matter where you choose to publish be active on those sites. Read others work and you will find they will read you.

Whatever your writing goals are, continue to reach for the stars and never give up.

As writers it is the Legacy we are all leaving behind….

Bio: Eva Marie Ann Cagley--Was born in 1958 to Frank and Priscilla Cagley in Waterloo Iowa, she worked with teenagers as a counselor. She has always had a passion for poetry and believes it is a gift from God…She currently has 5 poetry books published available on lulu and amazon. “Journey of love,” previously published by Destiny to Write Publications in 2016 In the poetry book “I SHALL ALWAYS THINK OF YOU,” by Eva Marie Ann Cagley. “The Journey,” previously published by Destiny to Write Publications in 2020 in the poetry book, “THE AIR WAVES OF MY SOUL” by Eva Marie Ann Cagley.


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