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Happy Halloween by Lady C. E. Miller

Please welcome Lady C. E. Miller with her endearing story of her own secret to her creativity.


I am Lady C.E. Miller, Christy Miller. A photographer, sculptor, author and artist, and that is a family tradition for me!

Halloween is my favorite holiday, so Happy Halloween! My yearly big event is the local “Witches Ball.” (Photo above) My costumes are awarded most creative more often than not and that is a Family Tradition. (My Granny won it many years ago.)

I have dyslexia and with it comes all sorts of problems. The one I struggle with most is trouble focusing on one project at a time. I always have more than one in the works. Currently I am in the mood for mindful coloring books, so I bought quite a few and then decided to try my hand at doing my own! I always feel like I can do anything when I get in the creative fever.

I believe it's because from a very young age I remember sitting and watching my Granny paint intricate murals and sew fabulous clothes and blankets. She taught me to draw at a very early age, and to not use her fabric scissors cutting out my paper horses. (Haha! I still remember that butt chewing, Granny.)

As we painted and drew… Me… my childhood creations and Granny… her masterpieces, we listened to my Momma and Pawpaw telling stories, reading the poetry their hearts had scribed or singing the songs their souls yearned to serenade the pines with. I grew up in such a splendor of learning. That’s why I named this article, It’s In The Blood.

I've gotten so much better at writing and art with the help of my Mother and Granny through the years. They are always there no matter what idea I come up with, to help me see my dreams come true. From book parties where I would read installments of my Forget Me Not Series where we would all gather for slumber parties with an outdoor fire and popcorn and goodies, to editing, support and sometimes just a… “Quit feeling sorry for yourself, Chris!”

I think it is important to have that support system when you are creating.

It's sort of like a built in living reservoir of comfort and assistance. My great grandparents that I never knew also put pen to paper, so I guess it is in the blood. Sometimes I feel so fortunate for how lucky I am to have all of this inside of me. It gives me the confidence even when times are hard to know that I can make my dreams come true!

This month we released my first adult coloring book! (Linked below) Goddesses & Legends is available on Amazon now. Being diagnosed with Clinical Depression and Anxiety I find these books are incredibly helpful in my everyday life. I have a page on Facebook, Stormbourne Studios where I sell my art and I got this idea of making a coloring book. (I highly recommend colored pencils such as Crayola or Black Widow as they are fabulous vibrant colors that blend well into your page.)

Next month we are releasing Volume II in dual Christmas coloring books! The first is strictly puppies and dogs enjoying the festivities of Christmas. It will be called A Puppy Holiday. The second is a general Traditional Christmas by that name. We are releasing them ahead of Christmas so there is plenty of time to order for gifts! I'm extremely excited to be able to offer these fantastic mindful opportunities for they help calm me, and I am hoping that they can help others as well.

We are still working on Forget Me Not The Epic Volume II which will be released Late Summer of 2023. (Without doubt, I know the first two purchases will be Mom and Granny for whom I am so grateful!)

Bio: Lady C. E. Miller, having been given this honorary title in her quest for ancestry and a donation to Dununs Castle and prefers to write under this pseudonym from her ancestral past. Her short stories and poetry have been published in several Anthologies and Magazines, her photography in wildlife and specialty magazines and she lives in southeast Texas on a small farm where she spends her time photographing beautiful things, writing, painting, and pursuing her art and sculpture. Sharing a quiet country life with her husband and their four legged family.

Stormbourne Studio:


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