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Forget Me Not...The Epic Volume II

by Lady C. E. Miller

Please welcome Christy Miller AKA Lady C. E. Miller with the announcement of her second volume of the Forget Me Not Trilogy, live on Amazon!

Forget Me Not... The Epic Volume II" Across Blue Waters

Hello! Let me introduce myself. I'm Lady CE Miller author of Forget-Me-Not-The-Epic Series and I’m here to announce that now the exciting continuation of Forget-Me-Not-The-Epic is available on Amazon!

I'd like to thank Elaine Marie Padgett Carnegie for inviting me to do this article. (and for the editing of my volumes)

On July 11th of last year, I held my first published book in my hand. “Forget Me Not …The Epic” Volume I. I was so excited! Nothing quite compares with that feeling. The smell of it and the feeling of your hard work in print.

Now, Volume II is live.(You can click the link below.) The story takes you on a thrilling adventure around many exotic destinations! And this time, the magic truly blooms! From Shaarahnil, a fictitious Kingdom in the ancient Fertile Crescent of the Middle East to the fabled City of Atlantis, and onto the ancient majestic royal palaces of Spain.

You’re not going to want to miss one exhilarating word of Volume II! Ride along with our girls, Aameera and Tammuz as they grow into women, and their beautiful Arabian horses horses become legendary!

Let your heart race with the thrill of pirate attacks, or enjoy the old world recipes included in the stories! We have set the final Forget-Me-Not-The-Epic Volume III for release next summer!

As I hold an Author’s Copy of Forget Me Not Volume II, I feel as if I am still afloat in the world of this manuscript. It took so long to write until separating myself from it is proving difficult. I keep thinking once Volume III is finished, it will be time to move on... I will leave the desert sands of the Fertile Crescent in the company of the greatest Arabian Horse Breeders in the world for the lush tropical forests, meandering streams and mountains, oceans and valleys of Aaraxan-1, the planet of the Goddess Zondreas. For that story has long been percolating in the back of my mind.

For now, wish me luck as I tread back into the desert sands of the Fertile Crescent in the time of Roman Praetorians to bring my Kingdom of Shaarahnil into its future!

Their eyes met, and understanding passed between them.


They rode! The camp was silent aside from the sounds of the crackling fire and the horses’ irregular breath … Shumshari cried out and Amani stood motionless. It was Baz, lifeless near the fire where he had fallen dead from the arrows of her children. His head crushed in the melee. The tattoo of the great cobra snaked up his inner forearm, it was the prophecy!

Across forlorn desert sands in an all but lifeless place, a cruel and relentless wind blew silently, for there were none to hear the lonely whisper. The sands long ago covered the footprints of those who came before, their lives a sigh lost to time. Until with one pounding gallop upon the sands and the fierce whinny carried on the wind … The land remembered.

In the still afternoon, King Abelardo heard thunder. He looked to the sky before his heart pounded, and his breath caught in his throat. Not thunder… he knew that sound.

“Sight the Queen’s Vengeance,” he yelled at the barrel man as he ran across the deck.

“Pirates!” Ringing the alarm bell furiously, the lookout bellowed, “Pirates!”

The captains of the corvettes spun their wheels, as did King Abelardo in the direction of the Queen’s Vengeance.

As she came ‘round, Fatimah saw them—two pirate ships, waiting in ambush. With the Queen’s Vengeance caught between them, escape was unlikely, but capture was unthinkable. Gre’ggor appeared at her side as a pirate’s warning shot crossed her bow.

She looked at Gre’ggor and their eyes met. She shook her head. Both of them knew what would happen to the women aboard ship. It was better to go down fighting.

“I’ll man the cannons,” Gre’ggor shouted. “Get us out from between them if you can.” He brushed her lips with his and raced for the gunwale.

You can also read on Readict! Click below.

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