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Christmas Memories

by Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett


I love Christmas!

I love the cold and the lights, even the bustle. I love the pure magic of moments with family and friends and even strangers who come together this time of year. Memories. For this week’s blog I am sharing with you some of that spirit of Christmases Past. A poem I wrote for my brothers and sisters and some memories!

I just turned three in this photo and brother Alvis was not big enough to enjoy the tree with me. All they had were those “hot” lights, so this is how I got to decorate! In my daddy’s arms.


Underneath my Christmas tree, often I will see,

Another day, another time—another Christmas tree.

Cut with loving little hands, or store bought from the town.

Blinking lights, familiar sites that we’d all sit around.

Decorating then, as now with garland, bulbs and lights.

I watch the same light sparkling in my own children’s eyes.

I can’t help but remember when the kids are all tucked in…

Another group of children in my bed all snuggled in.

Reading from the bible, stories in the night.

Little voices raised in prayer—Upon a Christmas night.

With nail and hammer, we would hang, our stockings on the wall.

Mama’s light bar in our eyes, squinting, one, and all!

Year after year, the magic of the Christmas morning spree.

Mama and Daddy smiling at us underneath that tree.

I may have never told you, how much I loved you then…

Because you were my babies, I never saw an end.

The last night we all fell asleep together in one bed.

Whispering our secrets, dreams dancing in our heads.

Make for precious memories, as do those bygone times.

In a moment that we shared, forever yours and mine.

I love you,


Brother Alvis, Me holding Dena and Mike. Kurt had not yet appeared on the scene. This was Christmas of 1964.

Christmas of 1974, the last Christmas I lived at home. The picture was damaged in a flood but I just can’t bring myself to change it. I am so lucky to have shared this time of my life with them.

When we were young my parents made Christmas a magic time. I was the oldest of five and we had socks for stockings every year. We would tack them up before bed and leave something for Santa and then we would all pile in one bed and tell stories and listen for Santa. We would fall asleep talking to each other most of the time. It was the most glorious of childhood memories. It was where I began a lifelong love of storytelling as we devised ways of making magic for the little ones as they began to get older.

A tradition I carried on with my own children. They are all grown now with Christmas magic of their own and so, from our house to yours, here is wishing you the most lovely and happy Magical Christmas of all!

We Multiplied!

My family Christmas this year which my family was unable to attend so we add

So much love...

Merry Christmas to all and wishes for a kicking year in 2023!!

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