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Bringing Writers Out of the Shadows

Please welcome Tim Curry of the Shadows Project to the Writer's Journey Blog. In an effort to help Authors tell their own story, he has created a unique way to get the story out there! Take a moment to watch the videos below. EMC

Since my last appearance on this blog I have become a huge fan. The writers featured here continuously fascinate and inspire me. Hence, I was delighted to be asked back.

In this short article I would like to focus on ‘The Shadow’s Project,’ a free Youtube service, predominantly targeting writers from around the world. Aside from some small filming projects, ‘Writer Profiles’ are the key feature of my channel.

Through writer profiles we celebrate the work of independent and traditionally published authors from around the world, revealing the faces behind the magic.

A diverse range of other writers are also welcome to appear on my channel, including: journalists, playwrights, poets and bloggers. Other than providing a spotlight to individuals the channel also serves as a forum for people to connect with one another, potentially broadening their global appeal.

So far the channel has featured writers from Italy, Bulgaria, Belgium, Ireland, Canada, and the United Kingdom. Interviews from several other countries have been conducted and lie in the pipeline to be released in the near future. The diary of a doctor in a small southern Italian town, the rescue operation of a Jihad in Syria, and the unlawful imprisonment of a British soldier in India are just some of the amazing stories which have featured on the channel.

If you would like to appear on ‘The Shadow’s Project’ please drop me an email and we can get the ball rolling on creating the perfect video to showcase your talent. I would also deeply appreciate it if you could show your support by subscribing to the channel and sharing the videos you like best. Please see the links below.

I look forward to reading more of your wonderful stories on this blog in the near and distant future. Thank you for reading.

Biography: Tim Curry is a writer from Liverpool England and the author of two novels, The Shadow’s Apostles, and The Shadow’s Soundwaves. He works as a freelance cameraman and editor, predominantly residing in Sofia, Bulgaria. However, despite his many interests he has stated recently that ‘The Shadow’s Project’ will take centre stage as we move into 2021.

He originally appeared on this blog in May 2020 and has remained a loyal follower ever since. Please show your support to the writers who appear on his channel by subscribing and sharing their work. And, If you would like to appear on the channel please do not hesitate in contacting him. email:

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