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#Amquerying... Patience is a Virtue

Trad publishing's most cruel moments and how to deal with them.

All that work! It's like that old saying "Hurry up and wait." So, I've done all my homework and picked out my favorites. I am querying ten Agents at a time and in the meantime to soften the anxiety... I #amwriting.

I never wrote short stories before and they have been well received, I have even had some poetry published after dusting it off a bit. I didn't realize that I had all this marketable material sitting in old files on my computer.

After three accepted Poetry Submissions and one short story... the impatience and anxiety has left me. It made me feel like I had more to offer than just the manuscript I spent the last four years of my life writing. It also helped me get out of my own head a little bit.

Writing is what I love. Storytelling is something I have always done and always taken comfort in. Here, all these years later. It has not failed me again... So my advice to anyone in the miserable throes of querying is to keep busy. Grow your social media and write. Write what's in your heart. Write what's in your head... Just Write.

The feeling of accomplishment is the same... The love of the work is the same... All the stories that only you can tell are still waiting to be told. Happy Writing!

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