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Accidental Marketing

by Lady C. E. Miller

Please welcome Lady C. E. Miller to the Writers Journey Blog with her story about how "Accidental Marketing" worked for her!

Accidental Marketing


Lady C. E. Miller

Hello everyone. My pen name is Lady C. E. Miller, but others will know me as Christy Miller and I have one great work, Forget Me Not The Epic.

It’s a series of four books that took years to write and research. Book I will be released on Amazon in 2022.

Elaine asked me to write a feature about my marketing strategy for the Writer’s Journey Blog. However, I wrote horse stories about royalty in ancient times in the middle east. What proved to be an advantageous marketing strategy actually began as research. A totally different approach.

I reached out to breeders of horses in those regions I had written about, as well as photographers. I spent years researching the bloodlines, the color(s) of the horses, and more from the actual people who have bred and lived with these animals and had been caretakers of the breed since time began.

As a thank you for sharing their knowledge with me, many of their own horses became characters in my books, and even some of the people are characters. I have spent many nights talking with some of the most famous breeders of horses in the entire world and they welcomed me with open arms.

Many, even got photographers and took their horses to regions I've included in my books for photographs for me so that my book could be properly illustrated. The horses were fabulously arrayed in ancient costumes, and the people dressed in ancient costumes as well for the magnificent photos that will grace my books.

I made many lifelong friends working on this and I would do nothing differently. I have a worldwide waiting list for the book series by simply sharing my idea and asking for help creating the best horse story ever told.

Never be afraid to ask for help or be intimidated by someone else! I was. I mean, it took me almost an entire year to message the best author and breeder of Arabian horses who ever lived, Mrs. Judith Forbis. I was nervous I wouldn't be good enough, or perhaps she would just laugh at my ideas. How wrong I was! She is one of the sweetest people and helped me learn what I needed to know. Even encouraging me to talk with others!

Writing this series has been a grand adventure for me and I've loved it! Now that I'm working on releasing my first comic book, I have no reservations about reaching out to people. My first email was to Nickelodeon!

Also, if you have a character, or part in your story that you love and someone is adamant that it needs to go. Stick with it. There is an audience for everything now and with your cellphone in hand, you can reach anyone in the entire world. Reach out to who you need to. Ask the questions you're afraid of.

I also think camaraderie is important when writing and marketing your stories. Get involved with other writers and people interested in your subject. It keeps you on track and keeps your confidence level high. Absolutely have book parties or gatherings! I had slumber parties with my friends and family while writing. Sometimes a weekend gathering. Everyone brought food and drinks, sort of a pot luck, and we would stay up while I read and everyone tossed in ideas!

I absolutely loved the book parties!

In summary, reach out to your audience and involve them. Not only will it make your writing that much more enjoyable, but people who feel like they have a hand in the creation of your stories will be more likely to buy the books first and recommend them!

I wish you all the best of luck and remember to love what you do! It shows in the end!

BIO: Lady C. E. Miller holds the honorary title; Lady of Dunans Castle, Argyll, Scotland, in her ancestral homeland. She is a creator, an award winning artist, author and animal lover. Her series, Forget Me Not will be re-released in 2022. She and her husband, Steven, live on a farm in South Texas.


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