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A Writer's Interview

by Iulia Bocaneala

Please welcome Iulia to the Writers Journey Blog this week with a unique take on the writing experience!

Tell us a bit about your books.

I am the author of two books, ‘Collection Days: Famous Smiles’ and ‘The Heart of An Eye’.

My fundamental knowledge in Psychology, Didactic, and Philosophy acquired within a certificate degree study in Pedagogy, and my general knowledge in Social Sciences gained through a university diploma were an essential asset in writing these unique novels. I am proud of the inspirational novels that I have written.

My latest book released, ‘The Heart of An Eye’ has a prominent role in my career and is enjoyed by fans of all ages and backgrounds. ‘The Heart of An Eye’ represents a unique fiction novel that explores the facets of the human condition, including the function and role of society, nature, and motivation of human acts, the purpose of life, ethics, or morals, the role of experience or reason in the development of knowledge, and whether free will exists. The novel presents an ambiguous and ironic projection of the ideal state, for a future in which society is entirely based on logic and modeled after mechanical systems through different directions of humanity that can be taken, depending on its choices.

As a prolific writer, my mission in life is to express stories of all kinds. Find everything from my latest book released to future projects on my author book platforms.

What has been the best part of creating your book world?

Writing has always been a passion, and I realized that I had something valuable to share with the world and turned to full-time writing. Since turning my passion into a profession, I wanted to explore new themes, genres, and ideas.

Let’s talk about your marketing. How do you market your work, and what have been the most successful tools?

In my opinion authors are a living entity that creates to appeal to their genius. The only thing they get in return from their abilities is the reactions they get from readers. Social Media is a path that gives amazing results to any author that joins in determining the passion of their readers. When a campaign is launched on social media, an author can assess their engagement to connect with other people that understand and appreciate their work. I use all my author social media in my efforts to have permanent readers and better engagements in my audience that can help integrate my books into people’s lives.

What piece of literature has had the most influence on you? Why?

I first discovered my passion in literature essays or philosophy authors. With a University Degree in International Relations and European Studies, I gauged a particular interest in how European and international policy can best change the community. That is why my fundamental knowledge in Political Science and Social Science helped developed my enthusiasm for writing.

Besides writing, what else do you enjoy doing?

I enjoy landscape photography and spend my free time capturing different sides of nature, traveling, or discovering new places. I like jogging because it raises my capacity for thinking.

How do you find balance between writing, your family, other pursuits?

When my mind creates a story that has to be written, my career and family help me evolve. A prime reason for aligning life in the writing process is the expectation … the emotion that arises and help me to achieve more than I first decided to express.

I am quite a fan of integrating my writings. By taking my everyday experiences and feelings and releasing them into my material, and not just adding emotional elements to those stories, but assuring that what I am writing can be pursued into publishing.

Maybe I am doing the same as everybody, authors, and writers, maintaining my skills, being part of a destination. I am not a part of a road; I know my destination. Writings can be eternal, not through an authenticity that somehow fades having so many things to say and so many characters to add, but in achieving a force to embrace a belief not as a spiritual matter, but as a decision. Writing gives me the power to make decisions. For me, this is the bond of writing and life.

Tell us about the projects you have in the works?

Every scene, every paragraph, every word is a choice. We create our readers’ experience with the reality we present in our story. I just finished a new fiction novel, a unique, challenging story that hopefully will be released next year and will match my reader’s desires and fulfill their expectations.

Can you tell us about your writing process?

When I am working on a novel, I am ready each day to meet my ideas, as If they are the most incredible part of my day. I wake up in the morning but write until very late. I usually like the rhythm of people, friends, or family that also guide my attention to a healthy sleeping routine. That way I can prove to myself that I can strive to meet my goals to finish my manuscript on time.

I work by keeping a clock in my mind, which saves me from writing too much in a single day. I think that a healthy routine or habits can improve my work while I am directing my attention to my writing. I use sounds sometimes to increase my creativity, but usually I prefer to focus, and concentrate.

If you could not write books, what would you want to do?

As a writer, I can’t think about not writing anymore, the emotion is too big, and the mind has too much to offer. If this was or is what defines me, even if for a short period or a lifetime experience. Making a step further is what really matters. If you see the destination you can’t stop.

What gender-specific challenges have you had to overcome?

Whilst society has made progress, gender challenges faced together are often easier to manage. Sharing social posts that uplift women or the movement has helped to shed light on the issue. I am very pleased to be on the Board of Directors of an amazing publishing organization called Women’s Writes.


“I believe wholeheartedly in communicating the message of women’s struggles, women’s success, and the empowerment of all women.”

Our objective is to create a vehicle for authors (of all genders) to publish written works (fiction, non-fiction, biographies, poetry, etc.) that positively depict women from all segments of society. We aim to amplify these voices throughout the world.

What advice can you give to women authors?

Be braver, smarter and achieve the amazing results that any writer receives in knowing the passion of their readers and connecting with more people. My advice is to be yourself.

Is there anything else you would like us to know that I haven’t asked about?

I will finish with a quote that I admire and follow:

“Real generosity toward the future lies in giving all to the present. “

- Albert Camus

BIO: Iulia C. Bocaneala is the author of two books,’ Collection Days: Famous Smiles’ and ‘The Heart of An Eye’, an International Relation Specialist, Business Development Executive, Vice-Chair and an Editor/Writer.

Her fundamental knowledge in Psychology, Didactic, and Philosophy acquired with a certificate degree study in Pedagogy, and her general knowledge in Social Sciences gained through a university degree represented an essential asset in writing her novel, The Heart of An Eye.

While a Political Science degree in International Relations and European Studies, helped her gauge a particular interest in how European and international policy can best change the community. Which is why as an editor/writer she is addressing through her articles what are the best and optimal solutions to worldwide field areas.

This year brought a new and challenging opportunity in Women’s Writes Publishing and Author Services. The mission of the nonprofit company is to promote stories of female strength. Women’s Writes also offers numerous services to help lift writers toward their career goals, including editing, proofreading, educational webinars, author interviews, book marketing, graphics, and social media/website reviews.

Currently, we are seeking writer submissions for anthologies titled Strength, short stories about strong women and the challenging obstacles they have overcome.

Please feel free to connect with Iulia C. Bocaneala to find more about the latest book releases and author news.

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Dec 13, 2021

You have a unique style of expression. Quite individualized. Best of luck with your writing and your mission.

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