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A Mother's Prayer

I was so tired last night and I did not pray so I wanted to take this time before my day begins to thank You for all of the things You do for me—even the ones I don’t know, recognize or realize You have done.

As a mother I know the thousands of little things accomplished, that we in our frailty do not even see, all the hidden loving things I do for my children—and, as You know, the innumerable hours on my knees on their behalf. I want to thank You for all the unseen things You do for them, as well.

I want to thank You for the blessings You have bestowed upon my family. Your presence in their lives. Health, safety, happiness, love and as they mature and prosper, the condition of their hearts and souls. I pray, as always that You guide their footsteps down Your path...

Keep them strong so that the world and this fleshly life does not make them weak and bitter and cold in their hearts. May they always be a light unto the world, my Father, and a champion in Your name to those misbegotten souls who need guidance and assistance. May their hands and hearts do no harm in this world.

My beautiful grandchildren, who own my heart. May You watch over and Bless them in the same manner with health and safety and guide their hearts to Your Way my God, that they may know You and love You and make a difference for the good in this dark and lonely world.

I speak aloud YOUR WILL over my life this day my Father, I speak aloud YOUR WILL over the lives of my children, their children and my grandchildren yet unborn, that all generations of both my body and my heart may know Your Blessings and the world will not overcome them.

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Elaine Marie Carnegie
Elaine Marie Carnegie
Mar 15, 2020

Thank you Jim.


Jim Bates
Jim Bates
Mar 14, 2020


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