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This Poet Has a Demon and a Butterfly Within

by Puneet Kumar

Please welcome Puneet Kumar back to the Writers Journey Blog with his journey of writing his poetry.

This Poet Has a Demon and a Butterfly Within

Have you ever wondered why someone becomes a poet whereas, some just believe that poetry is just a game of words or too much dramatization, imagination or an escape from reality?

In fact, it is not logical to paint life like this. Well, logic and emotions are two different things that have divided our vision toward everything in life. Some people live by logic and others by emotion.

Both logic and emotion play a vital role in our life. This has made our world more interesting and diverse as some people try to find logic behind their acts and thoughts, and believe this world only needs good doctors, engineers, lawyers and other professionals rather than emotional beings like poets, artists and a host of other creatives.

At one time, I also found it very logical to pursue such a profession, but gradually I decided to be a full-time poet. I started writing, and I started expressing my inner harmony, disharmony, voices and noises, chaos and silence in words. I read other poets too and stepped into their world, felt their lives within their words.

I think I have spent a great deal of life observing people, places, cultures, traditions and different belief systems and gradually I decided to distance myself from all the hue and cry for this world is not as I believe it ought to be. This world is not a pure piece of my imagination. Here I am, not as free as I should be. In fact, no one is totally free here. We are trapped in our heads and our heads continuously buzz.

There is a scream inside us. There is a prison. There is solitary confinement. There is darkness. There is a demon that screams, wants to rip away everything of this world and sometimes cries in helplessness. Except silence, there is everything inside our heads. It is not safe to go in too deeply and dare to listen to what it has to say. It is frightening, for it has a demon trapped within.

Words are empty that don’t express all that is within us. Emotion has its range still, with its own limitations. When both combine, they become very powerful, but they are trapped in our heads like a butterfly in a bottle, fluttering wings crashing against the glass to escape, but cannot. She is so delicate, soft and fragile that she can’t free herself.

I sometimes feel a compulsive urge to listen within and talk to them as if I have all my life’s time to do this and this is what I can do the best - talking with this strong demon and this delicate butterfly. Both are trapped in my head. I know I can’t change anything. I can’t free them, but I can listen to them and help them to feel better.

They cry at their fate. They get angry. Well, we have our fates and at some point in time we all feel like crying, throwing things and tantrums, but we know it is pointless. It is important to let this reality to sink in that we are just humans that hold both a demon and a delicate butterfly within.

It is difficult to convince them that this is how they live within us. This is our fate. Angry demon is not ready to accept its fate, and the weak butterfly is almost ready to die. I stand stranded before them to tell them–like it or lump it - but this is how life is.

I feel sorry but I can’t do much. I am a man who has limitation. I am not a God capable of changing everything. I am a common man. I try to console, coax and calm them, but they don’t listen to me until I sit to write all they have to say. It soon comes onto the paper as a poem.

I don’t know what happens in those moments, but they become calm. They behave sanely. They act as if everything is good, bearable and positive in life and there is no need to complain, go mad and be angry. They are gentle, loving and candid and, as a result, I too feel wise, intelligent and peaceful.

Poetry is written as if the turmoil and a tension have finally ended. The Demon in my head is smiling, and the butterfly is whispering sweetly. This is so pleasing. It is itself poetry. I feel I have found a love in my life. This world becomes a magical place, meaningful and wonderful, that everything seems to gain value and importance. Probably this is the moment my butterfly sings loudest, and I write romantic poems as if I am in love with someone and I have found my soulmate.

How beautiful is this moment and this meeting? It is a very intense moment. I feel that my dreams have come true. I have dreams to live for. I have reasons to thieve harder in life. I have reasons to bear the hardship of my day-to-day life. My life turns into poetry–an imaginative one where I feel motivated to do all I want to and need to do.

At this very moment, I am feeding my soul. At this moment, I am a very strong man who has conquered his weakness and strength and there is no one like me. I become a king and this world is in my possession and I control it. I gain confidence and I feel free to meet my queen, who is waiting diligently in my mind to love me with all her passion.

This is so wonderful, for it itself is poetry that seems too romantic to be true, but sweet enough to live for. Somewhere within all this, my demon sits calmly, and my butterfly is singing loud. Fortunately, they don’t want to go anywhere else now. They are happy where they are and all they want is for me to sit with them and write all they whisper in my ears.

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Bio: Puneet Kumar is passionate about writing about the world in which he lives, thinks, imagines, and works. He loves to tell the stories that run through his mind and before his eyes; he is inspired by the incidences of his day to day life.

Earthy and grounded, his imaginative stories are spawned from real life and charged with creative impulses. He tells stories that enthrall and capture readers. You will be drawn through effortlessly to discover the special twist at the end of each unique and personal story.

He has a keen interest in human relationships, enigmatic behaviors, and people’s imagination as they deal with day to day struggles. He is a poet, storyteller, novelist, self-help book writer, and a blogger.

The author loves to write about Wine, Food, Nutrition, and Lifestyle. He contributes his articles to magazines and is fond of travel and meeting new people.

He considers his publishing in “Debonair” magazine in India in 2000 as the beginner’s luck that encouraged him to write and publish. Presently he is a full-time writer and reader and would appreciate a review of this book from you if you have the time and inclination to do so.

You can find him at his website:

Find these and more on Amazon at Puneet Kumar

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