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The Writer's Journey Blog Anthology

Updated: Jun 14, 2021

By Elaine Marie Carnegie-Padgett

Hello Everyone!

I am so grateful for all the input from the Writer’s Journey Blog Authors. You rock!

In considering that input I decided to leave the theme “Journeys.” You can submit up to 2 Short Stories of Max 3,000 words each and up to 4 Poems within the theme.

To submit you must have participated in the Writer's Journey Blog before August 30th 2021. This Anthology is a thank you to the wonderful and talented people who let us share their journeys through the WJB.

Any genre, fiction or non-fiction. It is a wide-open submission field, please feel free to let yourself go! Submit only final edited manuscripts to with your name and Journeys in the Subject line. Example: Subject: Elaine Carnegie/Journeys

The Anthology will be published by Barrio Blues Press. Thank you, Jesu Estrada! Kerri Jesmer will also join the editorial team on this one. I enjoy contributing to Doctors Without Borders, so all proceeds will go that direction and all Authors will be informed of donations.

It goes without saying all copyright stays with the Author and you will sign a contract for publication right only, along with an exclusive period of 90 Days, at which time the right to republish is yours.

Previously published will be considered as long as it is in keeping with the Journeys theme and you retain all rights to publish. You must however tell us about the previous publication(s) so we can credit the publisher.

Submission dates will be from now (June 13, 2021) until September 30th. It is my goal to publish by December 1st for Christmas. (You might want to keep that in mind for your Journeys)

Good Luck everyone! I can't wait to read your stories!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me.

Next week we will begin the Writer’s Journey Blog Author feature again. Thank you for your patience!


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