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My Journey to Finding Truth

by Quinn Cooper

Please welcome Quinn Cooper to the Writers Journey Blog this week with her Journey to Finding Truth!

My Journey to Finding Truth

Hello Everyone! I’m honored to have been asked to write a feature in Elaine’s blog. My name is Quinn Cooper and I’m a professional writer.

Wow! To be able to say that is surreal.

Even though I’ve been writing for most of my sixty-three years, I honestly never thought I would have written a novel, let alone two.

I grew up in Southeastern Massachusetts, an extremely introverted girl. I think that’s why I wrote, it was a means of expressing myself, much like the master and the puppet, which is which? I wrote fantasy stories when I was a child, and screenplays and manuscripts of my favorite shows as a teenager.

As an adult, I discovered fanfiction and began to read dozens, then hundreds of Emergency! Fanfiction SLASH stories. These are sexually explicit with the main characters being of the same sex. I decided to write one of my own and sent it to an author friend who pushed me into publishing it. I ended up with an entire series plus several standalone fanfiction stories.

My writer friend began to push me to stretch beyond the fanfiction world and write my own novel. I listened to her and after many years and ups and downs, I finally published my first novel, “A Reason for Tomorrow” on May 10, 2022.

My second novel, Finding Truth, is part of a trilogy that I am really proud of. My main characters are an inquisitive young reporter named Hunter Wilson and a cocky young actor named Elliot Scott. Hunter learns of a secret in Elliot’s past and sets out to uncover it by going ‘undercover’ himself.

Hunter and Elliot ride a roller coaster ride of ups and downs as they explore their feelings for each other. Hunter’s best friend, Robin Hill, is instrumental in keeping the two guys together as she works on her own love life.

The characters are interesting and worth caring about. Follow them through their highs and lows and cheer them on.

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Bio: Quinn Cooper is a 63 year old widow. She lives in Fall River, Massachusetts, which is famous for the infamous Lizzie Borden, who was found innocent of the brutal murders of her father and step-mother.

Quinn began writing with fanfiction stories of her favorite show, Emergency! She moved on to some short stories and poems and finally, she created her first novel.

Mrs. Cooper lives in a small apartment along with her 27 year old son and her 12 year old Calico, Niko.

Find Quinn at

Amazon Authors Page Facebook Page

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