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by Brenda Arledge

Please welcome Poetess, Brenda Arledge to the Writers Journey Blog this week!

Make the Most of Life

I am a poet who dabbles with other genres, but my passion is poetry. I believe words connect us together as one.

I began writing at an early age. When I attended school, I was constantly doodling, jotting down notes and drawing pictures as I daydreamed. In grade school, I wrote a play that was performed on stage. Thus, the beginning of my official writing career.

Little did I know at the time, that being a writer would be my true calling. Over the years, I purchased many books which listed publishers who accepted submissions. I vigorously sent submissions via snail mail hoping to get published, but nothing prominent ever came of it.

So, I continued my life and put my writing on the back burner. From time to time, I would bring it back to the forefront, but each time I failed. Finally, years later I decided to give it my all. I started writing every day and didn’t focus too much on getting my work published. My only goal was to share my words with other people. To my surprise, they enjoyed my writing and encouraged me to submit my work to places for publication.

I was amazed at how easy it was to submit work via the internet. Simply using my mobile phone, I could send submissions to virtually anywhere in the world. Before I knew it, I was a published author. Today I have work published in numerous places, but I have a few that post my work on a regular basis.

I have an author page on and Dimple Times

The Writers Club~ Grey Thoughts ~ ~

(Click the name to visit these)

On I have a series called “Word Prompts Help Creativity. It’s an article I write to help inspire creativity. I choose a single word prompt encouraging others to write a poem, a short story, a song, or any combination. So far, we are on our 60th word prompt. Sometimes in the world of writing, we come across someone who is irreplaceable.

I was fortunate enough to become acquainted with someone like that, the late Steven Lester Carr and my words are published in several of his anthologies. He was a very kind man and talented writer who took the time to encourage many writers. I am truly thankful I met him along my journey.

My advice to others is to never give up on your dreams. Take baby steps and you will eventually get there. The most important thing is that we connect with one another. After all, we all have the same feelings, even if we are worlds apart.

We can make the world a little bit better and help one another in the process. But remember, there will be moments in life when you have no choice but to take a break. So, don’t beat yourself up. You will continue when the time is right.

I, myself, have been dealing with the recent death of my boyfriend to stage 4 Lung Cancer. It isn’t an easy road to walk, but I’m gradually getting my writing back on track.

On Facebook I have a page called, "Secret Emotions"

I am also the administrator of a Facebook Page, "Poets with a Voice"

This page is currently paused, but I hope to start it again soon.

I do encourage Poets to post their work in a group I created on Facebook. Sparklecity Poetry Group.

My belief statement:

"Make the most of Life."

There’s no better feeling than when you can make a difference in someone’s life. To me, that’s what poetry does every day. It makes us laugh, it makes us cry, sometimes it even gives us the courage to say goodbye. It helps us connect with emotions and allows us to see the reality of a situation. It helps us to make better choices. A poem has the ability to connect us together, no matter where we live in the universe. It’s like a universal language we all understand. I recently had a poem, “No One Needs To Feel Hunger" accepted for publication in the Bards Against Hunger 10th Anniversary Edition.

Click the cover to visit.

This is a national project that uses poetry to help feed the hungry. The poems included in this anthology are read at events across the nation to raise food for local food banks. If you want more information or you’d like to host a Bard’s Against Hunger Event, follow this link.

Bio: Brenda Arledge is a poet residing in Ohio and she believes poetry is a turmoil of emotion comforting one’s soul. Her poetry is published in numerous publications. She contributes regularly to Dimple Times, & The Writers Club - Grey Thoughts.


“Newbie of the Year" 2019 Hubbie Award

Ohio Arts Council ~ FY 2023 Grant

2022 Hubbie Award ~ Best Poet

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