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Hello everyone! Yes, I know I am two weeks late with this post... I have been dreadfully ill with upper respiratory problems that I could just not get over. I am on the mend and sorry I didn't make an announcement but I was feeling terrible!

SO! I am really excited about this year's anthology.

The Writer’s Journey Blog will open Submissions on September 1st for The Journeys Anthology III. The Theme will be Over the Waters, and we will be making a few changes.

1. We will have a feature Artist this year for the first time, and

2. We will be increasing the word count to about 6,000 words more or less. Anyone who submits regularly knows for us, it is more about the story and less about the word count (LOL)

3. We are going to lovingly dedicate this year's Journeys to Steven Carr. For many of us, he was a Mentor and Friend.

With my gratitude, Kerri Jesmer will join the editing team again this year. I couldn't do it without her!

Over the Waters… leaves a wide range of ideas for stories and poetry. Days at the beach, Sea Voyages, Lighthouses, River rafting, Sailors, Pirates, Mermaids, Sea Monsters, Cruises, Sunken treasure, Shipwrecks, Ghost Ships, even storms, the Bermuda Triangle, Huck Finn-type stories, myth or legend retellings (Loch Ness Monster), Sirens, Krakens, or even Lake House, Lady of the Lake type stories… the list is almost endless. As long as it is some type of Journey on, in, near, or under the Sea/Oceans/Rivers/Lakes/Water.

To submit you must have participated in the Writer's Journey Blog before September 1, 2023. This Anthology is a thank you to the wonderful and talented people who let us share their journeys and their work through the WJB.

The submission window will be from September 1st until filled. Last year the submission window was 4 weeks. I try to stop close to 100,000 words for the volume.

Submit only final edited manuscripts. A manuscript that has many errors will be rejected.

Send to with your name and Journeys III in the Subject line.

Example: Subject: Elaine Carnegie/Journeys III

Short stories 6,000 words. Submit only one. Flash Fiction max 500 words. Submit one. Poetry No minimum or maximum word count Submit two. (Please punctuate your own poetry. I am terrible at that! If you don't... no complaints about how we do it!)

Previously published is fine as long as it is in keeping with the Journeys theme and you retain all rights to publish. You must however tell us about the previous publication(s) so we can credit the publisher.

Journeys III, The Anthology will be published by Stone Pony Publishing/Author Services. which is mine. Kerri Jesmer will once again join the editorial team.

Ebook and Paperback. If anyone wants hardback I'll format that too if you purchase at least three. (Please request early if you want them)

There is no compensation for the publication of your story this year, however, all authors will receive an email copy. Next year I am hoping for a small compensation and a hard copy if we can make enough money from this one to cover the costs. Please buy a copy and encourage your friends and family to purchase a copy. That is the only way I will be able to offer compensation to the gifted Authors of this wonderful project!

If there are any profits (we struck out last year) they will go to the costs of next year’s edition.

All copyright stays with the Author and you will sign a contract for publication rights only, along with an exclusive period of 30 Days after publication of this Anthology, at which time the right to republish is yours.

It is my goal to publish in November for Christmas. (You might want to keep that in mind for your Journeys)

Authors will appear in the Anthology according to the order they were accepted. That is much easier on me for the formatting process.

Good Luck everyone! We can't wait for September to read your stories!!

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. My email is the only thing I monitor daily.

I hope your summer is absolutely as wonderful as it can be! Stay cool and hydrated whenever possible.

Talk to you soon!

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