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Please welcome our own PritiJ to the Writer's Journey Blog this week!

In a world where I could be anything -

I chose to be a bank auditor. Then I started to complain about it, and even the bankers found me boring (with due respect to the colour grey) "Get a major in finance & economics," they said. "Join the exciting world of finance, they said!" Well, I'm looking for them now and they're hiding. If you see them, call me. There'll be a reward!

I've travelled a bit, looking for them, and now can curse in nine languages. Yes, I have and can put sailors to shame. So I quit, and right on time as my daughter chose to present herself then, and earned her moniker 'Jungle Girl.' It's been a long five years. Are bank audits exciting yet? As you know by now, I also need to be told to stop talking. Never used a word where I could use four. "Better sense prevails," they said. "But nonsense persuades," I retorted. Now I'm hiding and they're looking for me. Don't tell them - there'll be a reward.

I also got a major in education while working - which thankfully nobody said I should. And boy, did it come in handy. Tragedy struck, my world came crashing down. Once, twice, thrice in a row: So, with a little daughter and a bed-ridden husband, I said to myself, "Now what?" The life of creature comfort I was used to was lost, and it got as grim as the reaper - the reaper was the elephant in the room.

Fortunately, I found myself in the midst of some excellent company (my husband Jay's friends initially - the writing community he was part of) who became my dear ones eventually, rallied around me, helped me up, and set me down on firm feet through every manner possible. I found more comfort in the kindness and compassion I was shown than ever. I'd always known writers to be a kind and sensitive tribe, and this reaffirmed my knowledge. I got a job as a teacher, teaching the 5th grade, and Covid struck. Well, I can be a mule, and the ghost of creativity that lurks inside began to take control of my soul. It whispered, "Priti, how would you like to write?" I was too weak to fight it. I wrote, I showed my work to some stellar writer friends, and was told it was good. That I should submit. I did, and publications started to accept.

Now, the hungry ghost got creative wasn't satisfied with the writing I fed it - it had designs upon my mind. I love colours and playing with them, I used to paint, still do - so I began to play around with digital design. I was encouraged to do more, design more, and put it out there, by my friend, my benefactor, and mentor, Steve Carr, who also very kindly offered me a job as the marketing rep. for Sweetycat Press.

I put it out, and the community once again responded with alacrity. PritiJ Designs was added to Author PritiJ. Simply put, I now have designs upon people, and jump upon the unsuspecting and imprint them digitally. Oh, that sounds like such a bad thing, doesn't it? I like it.

I've been fortunate to work with many talented writers from the community who have displayed a tremendous amount of patience. I started out with social media cover images, graduated to book covers and now I design just about everything a client might need - including websites and entire social media platform pages.

That's a boast, right there. I customise designs to suit my client’s image and brand. I also keep the price point low, and what I save on overhead is passed on to the clients that way. It benefits both. But it hasn't been all smooth sailing, as I moved out of my protective circle of friends and sought work outside, there have been two disappointed clients (specific - old auditors never die, don't they). The learning curve is steep, but I possess decent stamina.

Meanwhile, my husband chose to depart this world, and I thought I was strong enough to withstand the loss. But it was an earthquake that shattered my soul, and once again the community stood by me, helped me heal. Wherever would I be without you all?

And here we are, a guest on this fabulous platform created by my dear friend Elaine, eternally and incredibly grateful to each and every member of the community who reached out with every resource possible to help me and my little daughter, upholding my dignity.

Also, watch out, I'm lurking around - I have designs upon you, and maybe you could be the next one I jump upon... I warned you earlier. I need to be told to zip it. But will I listen? That's another story...

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