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DISCORDIA: Stories of a World in Chaos

Authors Names and Live Link for Pre Order on November 12th

CONGRATULATIONS to the Authors of Discordia: Stories of a World in Chaos.

Let yourself be drawn into a world of wonder, fantasy and mysticism as you enter Discordia: Stories, drabbles and poems by authors from all over the world who have poured their souls out for your enjoyment.

Whirl through an artist’s room, read of a promise cruelly twisted and a failed operation with sad consequences. Read about our perceptions of reality, the other side, a peaceful response to riots, and sorrow and blame.

What is your mantra for remembering left from right? Learn about a naughty little wind, a father’s regret for his lost son, a young boy’s actions to save his father. Experience an invasion of the Earth that causes sores, a childhood home demolished but for a precious brick of memories and a grim reaper’s desire to be on time.

See how backwoods mysticism saves two teens. Do you believe? Experience a little weasel become a beloved family member through tragedy, how one woman saves another from abuse, the discovery of life, the death of a cook, and an ancient casquette.

Learn how a boy survives a predator. You’ve not read a story like this friend’s betrayal, nor a mysterious clockmaker’s yarn. See how some care none for knowledge given and being lost in labyrinths. What consequences result when not heeding witches?

Can you learn from another’s words of warning? Observe the rebirth of a beloved son, a man caught in a cyclone of time travel, and revenge of a fire goddess. Join a boy as he travels with his mind to forests and freedom, and why saying goodbye to a lifelong friend comes before eggs. How does a scientist get over love?

You will love these stories that vary greatly but reach out to you in unexpected ways.

Come. Enter if you want to know the whole story.

Click Here For Pre Order Authors

Vonnie Winslow Crist with The Clockwork Owl and The Artists Room.

Angelika Le Faucheur with Just a Play, The Mirror, A Cup of Tea and An Immigrant.

Gabriella Balcom with A Different Kid of Invader, Love and Time, The Promise, Corey, Guidance: Heed it or Not? and Looking on the Bright Side.

Mark Heathcote with I Am Carried Away by a Honey Garden, and The Whisper of the Muse

Bernice Groves with 一叶知秋 The Falling of One Leaf Heralds the Coming of Autumn

Michal Reiben with The Operation

Laura Hughes with I Can...

Jim Bates with The Theory of Relativity, The Folksinger, Storm Clouds, The Blues, Three Haikus, Peaceful Retaliation, and The Coyote

Ann Stolinsky with Dem Bones

Denise O'Hagan with Destination Nowhere

Kerri Jesmer with Timing is Everything, The Dark Path, Passing the Coffin Stick, Overland Down

Dalika Joshi with Relative Reality

Lynn White with Looking Out

P. A, O'Neil with Pastor Norton

P.C. Darkcliff with Fork Hand, Brake Foot

Catherine A. MacKenzie with Winter's Dead Hostas, Change of Seasons/The Tree of Life, The Seed Planter

D. A. Ratliff with The Casquette

Maria J. Estrada with Pustules and Lo Tierno

Me with They Did Not Care to Know and The Myrdl

Zach Murphy with 437 Wilton Street (A Brick Story)

Kyleigh McCloud with Binx Travels

Archit Joshi with Hello From the Other Side

James Pyles with The Unreal Man

John Drudge with God’s Last Tear

J. Agombar with Her Embers Reside

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