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Kyle grieves for a dying earth

Gaia, Earth Mother and Caelus, Sky Father

The Gaia Factor



Beyond the memory of humanity, in the ancient of  days...

Mankind took an oath... Dominion and stewardship of the Earth.

The Earth Mother slept... while Man forgot... in the Time of Mankind


   This is not a story about the Earth Mother... although she is there. This is a story about the evolving and devolving spirit of Mankind. Once proud and strong in the earth, bending all to their will, they have allowed the unseen forces to influence them.  Humanity has reached the point where they cannot think and reason independently... It is difficult for them to think for themselves. It is easier to believe that "someone" else knows better... 


This is the story of their last chance to save themselves.

As humanity moved away from the land, they lost remembrance They spent their time indoors, worked in factories and over time the Simple Spirits and the Earth Mother became myth and folk tale. Memory faded, the vow forgotten, and Mankind abused that which gives life and sustains them. The earth they vowed to care for and protect.


Kyle Menger, a noted geophysicist found the truth and the anomaly budding within the Earth. The earth trembled and the people scoffed at him, they rejected the final warning... The Mother awakened to the song of the Ancients, and the earth cried out in her misery. Gaia could not stop it… she groaned as the land fractured. Flung upward as the fissures opened and shuddered as the earth quaked and the aged mountains split and poured forth the ancient blood of the Terra. A disaster that will culminate in the fierce and bloody battle for Dominion of the earth... that man's neglect has given to the unseen.


Kyle must find a resolution between modern arrogance and ancient power to save a Remnant of Mankind and face the Ancient Forces of the earth. With the conclusion of the Time of Mankind... there is another beginning. It will be a trial by fire, holocaust, or transcendence… These moments do not always end well. It is a matter of choice… the choice of Humanity. 


Will Kyle accept the reality of an unseen world and realize all he has ever known was a lie? Can he turn his back on everything and believe the unbelievable... Will Kyle acknowledge the great power of the Crux of the Ancients born within him, and conquer the doubt within himself to save a Remnant of Mankind... and defeat the ancient enemy in a battle for Dominion of the earth?

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