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Kyle grieves for a dying earth

The Romani Vai

Gaia, Earth Mother and Caelus, Sky Father

The Gaia Factor Trilogy




   This is not a story about the Earth Mother... although she is there. This is a story about the evolving indomitable spirit of Mankind...  In the time before in the ancient of days before war changed everything between Mankind and the earth. 


This is the story of their last chance to save themselves.


     Join me in an epic journey into an alternate history of Mankind. This world is not the only world... It is not even the true world for between dimensions with noble Spirits who keep the earth's energies and the Fates, Daughters of Gaia; is a place where time is unknown...  


Amid dramatic climate change, catastrophic flooding and killing drought with unpredictable and devastating storm systems... the people cried out, and no one listened.


Life went on and Kyle Menger, noted geophysicist, and naturalist fought the ravages of the weather until he discovered the anomaly. 

In the ancient of days, there was war that altered the relationship between the earth and Mankind. Since that time, destiny has been hurtling toward this day. The last day. As the Fates contemplate the future, Kyle is desperate to convince the world  something is wrong. They won’t listen. They don't care... He tried to warn them, but he was too late. It is the year 2035.

The earth has fallen under the burden of Mankind, the Mother awakens, the mountains split and pour forth the ancient blood of the land. 


The Shaman comes from the Sacred Valley and the powerful Romany Vai, Keeper of the Simple Spirits, joins him as the Crux matures in Kyle. It has always been his destiny to lead the Remnant, yet he must find balance between modern arrogance and the ancient power born within him to save the Remnant of Mankind and ultimately the Ruach, (antagonist) and he doesn’t have much time. For to save them all he must defeat the Ruach in a desperate battle for dominion of the earth or there will be nothing left to save.


     So… I have been writing most of my life. As a Newspaper Journalist, poet, then a Paralegal and Private Investigator and then Newspaper Journalist again. I became an Editor and Partner in a small Publishing House and then started my own company. So… I write. I always had a dream to author a novel. I knew that in some manner it would reflect the character of Mankind… fiction or nonfiction. I was never sure. 

It began to take form… the idea. As I looked around me at the division of our society, climate change and loss of empathy in the human spirit... and greed.

Then as I wrote and imagined what people would really do if society fell into anarchy, it was chilling where my mind went and yet, I believe it to be true. If a faction of our society becomes rabid (as they have) at the hands of a manipulative person as their leader… both with economic challenges and the challenges of the worldwide pandemic...

What if the earth fought back? What would happen if people were left completely alone to their own whims? Their own devices? What would happen if there was no fear of reprisal, punishment or social stigma?

Yes, that is the chilling part. So, I began to write, and write. I gave them a quest for a chance at something more… A chance to redeem the lowly spirit of Mankind and find a former glory that none remember in this day of hatred and divisiveness.

I gave the earth a face. A tortured but beautiful face and I gave the hatred a face, an evil… lost face, and I gave the beautiful Romni heroine a face and the hero a face and I named them and then I spent the next four years of my life… giving them life in The Gaia Factor Trilogy… Part I The Remnant of Man. #amquerying November 2019.

***This novel is not yet available. Querying November 2019