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Kyle grieves for a dying earth

Gaia, Earth Mother and Caelus, Sky Father

The Gaia Factor




In the Time of Mankind


   This is not a story about the Earth Mother... although she is there. This is a story about the evolving indomitable spirit of Mankind. Once proud and strong in the earth, bending all to their will...  In the time before in the ancient of days before war changed everything between Mankind and the earth. 


This is the story of their last chance to save themselves.

So… I have been writing most of my life. I always had a dream to author a novel. I knew that in some manner it would reflect the character of Mankind… fiction or nonfiction. I wasn't sure. I knew in the days I worked as a Private Investigator that I would have to purge my heart someday and make sense of the senseless actions of our society… Man's crimes against man... horrifyingly real.


It began to take form… the idea. Then as I wrote and imagined what people would really do if we pushed the earth too far... If greed took us beyond the brink. If we cared so little we brought ourselves to the very precipice of extinction... What if everything began to die and the earth could no longer sustain our burden?


What if the earth fought back?

What would happen if society fell into anarchy? It was chilling where my mind went...


Yes, all the same places yours just went...


Yet, I believe it to be true. If a faction of our society can not function now? Continual war and hunger and suffering plague a modern society. A modern society where greed decides who lives and who dies. So... What would happen if money didn't matter anymore? What would happen if we were left completely to our own whims? Our own devices? What would happen if there was no fear of reprisal, punishment or social stigma? Yes. What a chilling thought...


So, with those thoughts... in chaotic, but rhythmic dance in my mind... I began to write, and write, and write. I gave Mankind a quest for a chance at something more… A chance to redeem the faltering, failing spirit of humanity and find a former glory that none remember in this day of hatred and divisiveness.


I gave the earth a face. A tortured but beautiful face... Gaia

I gave the hatred a name, an evil… lost spirit... and I gave them a reason for being what they are, the Ruach.


The beautiful Romni Vai, powerful in her own right and Kyle, the man she has trained her entire life to face this moment with... find purpose walking the minefield the earth has become and with the Shaman, into the dimensions beyond.


I named them and got to know them. Their flaws and their quirks. Their bravery and their fear... especially their fear.


Then I spent the next four years… giving them life in The Gaia Factor Trilogy… Part I The Remnant of Man. #amquerying November 2019. I'll keep you updated!

This novel is not yet available in print. Querying November 2019