Published by Paper Djinn Press 2021

The tunnel dark before her, dank, malevolent.

                                               The fabric of her being, cruelly torn and rent.

Ever steadfast she remained, against a fear of unknown name.

She shivered and yet stood amidst the darkness just the same.

Her wound too deep for humankind to grasp within the mortal mind,

She carried deep within her... the burden of the lost.

Resolute, but never whole, protecting those who did not know.

Fear did fight to win her soul, her tired, wounded soul.

A mighty battle waged within. She tried and tried and tried again,

To bear the consequence of sin, that was not her own.

The battle raged throughout the night, yet she was brilliant in the light.

The embodiment of truth which she would never yield.

Beyond the fight, beyond the pain, she had seen the holy reign,

As he gently lifted her, from the battlefield.

Sunlight warmed her naked skin as she sensed the cleansing wind.

She gazed up, unsteadily, raised her glistening eyes to see,

But looked upon an evil world that could not understand.

She tossed her dark and flowing mane, for the ancient truth remained.

She made the choice to stay with Man, illuminate the darkened land.

Before her, Evil hid its face, from the sight of tempered grace.

The Phoenix bore the blight of Man and lifted him with her own hand.

And no one cared, and no one knew, the torture that she had been through.


Until the final battle raged, and with the turning of that page,

honed by fire, the ashes cooled... she was born anew.

© 2021  by Author, Elaine Marie Carnegie of Stone Pony Publishing Services

© 2021 Elaine Padgett Carnegie The PATH OF TOTALITY Inclusive