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by Elaine Padgett Carnegie

The wind is dead and silent. Trees are withered brown.

In the fields, that fallow lie, there is not a sound.

The air is scorching, hot— and the crossroad lies ahead…

My heart is beating wildly, and my soul is filled with dread.

Standing in the crossroad while the sun is setting low.

Crimson rides the cloudless tides on the surf’s red-orange glow.

The crossroad lies in wait for me…to see which way I go…

Inky darkness settles ‘round my body and my soul.

One road is the way I know. I see what lies ahead.

Years of dying slowly, long before I’m dead.

The other road, a mystery, and that is what I fear.

Yet, there is a place inside that beckons me to hear…

No star will pierce the darkness, no tear will comfort me.

It is so terrifying here that I can hardly breathe.

I sit upon the crossroad and shut out everything.

Face the fear and realize... I’ve not lost a thing.

Standing still. I won’t return. Let’s see what lies ahead.

I notice that the stars begin to shimmer overhead.

A bright pink sunrise greets me with the coming of the dawn.

It’s been years since I have watched the glorious day be born.

I have withered… yet alive... my spirit decomposed.

Trying to be what others— expected... I suppose.

I smile into the gentle wind, no more of that for me…

Let’s run into tomorrow and see what we may see.

The heart and soul are satisfied and everywhere is home.

For all the world is beautiful, no matter where I roam…








Elaine Marie Carnegie ©2005-2020

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