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by Michal Rieben

Please welcome Michal Rieben to the Writers Journey Blog this week. Send her your prayers or good thoughts.

The Journey

I began to write for purely therapeutic reasons about a year after I was involved in a car accident. As a result of the accident I became paraplegic and my husband left me.

My writing was awful but it made me feel better. For many years thereafter whenever I'd feel miserable about something I'd write down my grievances on a piece of paper and because my writing was so terrible I'd then throw it away.

After my children, I have two sons, left home I tried my hand at writing short stories. I made a list of all sorts of weird things which had happened in my life with the intention of writing a story about each of them.

So far I'm only half way down the list. By extremely good fortune I came upon Grant Hudson's Inner Circle Writers' Group.Through the group I learned about the different genres and many other aspects about writing. Also Grant encouraged me to write poetry, and much to my surprise I began to write simple poetry.

I have had 80 short stories and 24 poems published both online and in print. My work has been published by Cafelit, Short StoryTown, Sweetycat Press, Beacon Magazine, Down in the Dirt, Academy of Heart and Mind, Grant Hudson's anthologies Poetica and Galaxy, Peace Girl Works, Love Gone Wrong anthology, Dastaan anthologies, Literary Yard, Spillwords, and An Extraordinary Time anthology.

Bio: Michal left England at the age of fifteen and went to live on a kibbutz in Israel. At the age of seventeen, she enlisted in the army for two years and later became a nurse.

When she was five months pregnant she was involved in a car accident. As a result, she lost her fetus and became a paraplegic.

Michal has two boys and six grandchildren. Her main enjoyment is being with her family. She is an avid reader, loves immersing herself in nature, and she always writes. The genres she explores include non-fiction, fantasy, and poetry. She has had 100+ short stories and poems published both online and in print. She lives in Jerusalem, Israel where she has a tangled garden.

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