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My life as a Writer and Coach

by Puneet Kumar

Please welcome Puneet to the Writers Journey Blog this week with his perspective on the writing life!

My life as a Writer and Coach

Writing is a therapeutic experience. It is a meditation. It is an hour where my thoughts are flowing like a stream in my head and at the same time, I am trying to capture everything in words on my laptop screen or in my notebook. Both the things are happening concurrently as if I am in a magical state. I feel transported, thrilled, excited, and happy.

Happiness is the key that drives me to do what I do? Writing is my first love. I always wanted to be a writer. Books were my friends. I love to sit in their company. I found them captivating. I found a new world before me and the more I read the better I felt. I started to write as a hobbyist first then professionally.

Reading and writing open a new gate toward self-care, self-love, self-understanding, and how knowledge can save our lives. I learned that it is not just an escape from reality but it also helps in making new realities in life. It helped me to grow emotionally and mentally. I helped myself better and then. I started helping other people in the journey of their life. I became a relationship and happiness coach.

I helped myself and others to become emotionally fit to face the challenge of life and to understand the actual purpose of life. Each individual is different and how well one can live while keeping his or her individuality. The basic thing is to live well and start by thinking well. Your thoughts have the capacity to create a new reality for you.

I experienced this in my life and so I tried to help others. Life is short, nothing is going to last forever but if you miss the chance to find your purpose and happiness then you miss your life. You lived in misery which can’t be a goal of one’s life.

Everyone wants to live a good life and it all starts with your good thoughts. Thoughts are unstoppable but one can change their direction. One can choose what to think to feel good. Good and positive thinking and good and positive self-talk is the key to a happier life.

One can feel curious to ask: Is there a secret formula for this? Yes, there is a secret but there is no formula. All you need to understand is that life is not linear. Here nothing is fixed. Every new day has something new but the rest repeats itself. This is how we live. One must have the eyes to see this a new event and accept it positively and feel this newness as a bliss. One must have this mindset.

Science says we take around 35000 decisions every day so having a positive mindset can make a world of difference. It is the only way to fill your bucket of happiness. By changing your thoughts or mindset you can change your world. Indeed, Life often comes with several unknown, unwanted, and unfair incidents that often test our ability to see things differently.

My book reading habits which range from poems to drama, novels to self-help, helped me a lot. I tried to see the opportunity in the crisis. It is important to limit your struggle sometime just in order to focus on the bigger goal that can be a game-changer.

We all have reasons to get angry, go crazy, and feel helpless as we can’t control others or situations but can understand our limitations. Sometimes situations demand to drop everything as if silence is golden. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t. Probably this is called life – a game that has no fixed rules but everyone is playing.

Winning and losing are both momentary as life is a continuous journey and we grow in stages and levels. Once we take our lesson, we immediately move to another stage and level. This is how we learn to grow. Otherwise, we stay at one point struggling hard, feeling frustrated, feeling wounded, and then life is nothing but a pain, a complaint, and full of unfortunate events.

Life is a gift. It is the most beautiful thing that you have. If you are thinking the opposite, then think twice. You need to work on yourself and understand your relationship with yourself. Trust me, every change starts from your thinking.

Help is there. I too got trapped once in such a situation I needed to find help. I needed to hire a coach for my mental peace and for understanding my situation. Life often exposes us to the bizarre and there is always a way to get out of it. Someone is always there who is in that situation and we need to find and get support. It is always a priceless help.

Joy is the secret recipe of life that comes after connecting the dots. At every point of life, there are lessons and wounds. There are always choices. There are always some people whom we never want to meet but accidentally we meet. We should meet otherwise, a big lesson and experience will go unlearned and inexperienced. Ironically, sometimes such experiences and lessons come from our loved ones.

Each messy situation starts with our mind. Mind is just focusing on problems and so there are no opportunities. The mind is just counting the unhealthy talk, angry words, and unharmonious times. The mind needs to distance itself and step back to see how beautiful the mountain is. Every time things are not so bad, there are some blessings hidden like every cloud has a silver lining.

I think it is the only reason we have so many writers and coaches in our societies. There has been someone on this stage, who has struggled and moved on. We can get the benefits from their experiences and save ourselves.

Nothing is easy. Relationships are messy but we all need relationships and we have to learn how to make and keep relationships healthy but it all starts in our minds. Everyone must learn to protect their mind. It is their biggest asset that needs assurance that tough times come only to make us tough. It is good for us to be tough and learn to be strong emotionally.

Life allows us to be a hero or a heroine. There is no villain, just lessons. If there is a villain, then it is inside us in the form of our fears, insecurities, and greed. Learn to control them. Learn to see life from all its sides, have a helicopter view, have a microscopic view, and see things from others' points of view and then decide.

As a writer and coach, I have helped myself and others to have a proper understanding and develop a firm decision-making ability. It is therapeutic. It has changed my life and several others. This change is beautiful. It works and it heals. It helps to overcome and grow in life. And we learn to live and love everyone. This is the secret that has no formula.

Author Bio: Puneet Kumar is a full-time poet, writer, and relationship and happiness coach. He writes poems, short stories, novels, and self-help books. He has self-published 15 books. He is published in several anthologies. His story is published in the anthology “Six feet From Tomorrow” His poetry is published in the anthology “Blood and Sand” “Scentsibility” “Poetry Leave” and others. He is also published in He loves to write on subjects like relationships, healthy living, food and nutrition, wine, lifestyle, or anything that adds positive light to life. He was first published in Debonair magazine in India in May-June issue 2000 which he considers beginner’s luck.

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