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Darkness on the Writer's Journey (Poetry)

Updated: Jan 28, 2020

Hello everyone! I have been extraordinarily busy this week. Isn’t it funny how when you are busy with real life and miss writing for a few days ... it feels sort of empty, as if you’d forgotten something at home but can’t think what it might be? I always feel that way... as if something is missing. I believe that something is a part of me now. Creeping slowly into my blood and mind from passionate creating and self-love and just the healing of the word... in any language. I am so happy with my chosen path! I am grateful for it.

This week I spent Private Eyeing as my old company called and asked if I could help with a situation. I truly enjoyed the time spent with old friends... but the work itself. Hard on the heart. The darkness of others sucks at the light in your soul. You mustn’t let that happen. This week I am going to post a poem I wrote in 1993 about a person who had not only wronged me, but others. It was the first time I ever encountered a truly black soul. It is my first memory about the darkness of humanity.

The picture reminds me that we are so motivated by "looks" ... often we can't see the forest for the trees and never see the darker happenstance coming at us!

Well, here is. Tell me what you think.


Oh, Demon Whore of Babylon, mid burning fires of hell,

Screaming as the searing fire reforms the human shell.

In writhing mortal agony the Demon soul is bared,

Oh, Mighty Whore of Babylon will find no mercy there.

For the Demon Whore of Babylon, no mercy has she shown,

To woman, child ‘nor man, no difference, friend or foe.

Bastard child of Satan, with soul so black and cold,

There is no deed too painful, there is no lie to bold.

No remorse will haunt her in the darkened depth of night.

She rides the rape of innocence, putrid in its sight.

She stalks her prey and like the snake, strikes from secret places,

Using many different names and wearing many faces.

The daughter of destruction, her master is the lie,

With numbing devastation, that spares no love in life.

With bitter shame, our sacrifice… She touches every mortal life.

Through the heartache and the pain… Only she remains the same.

Oh, Mighty Demon Whore today, revel while you reign,

For quietly God seeks you out, and Angels know your shame.

© 2020 Elaine Padgett Carnegie

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